TFT Foundation Board Position Available

Dear TFT Community,

The TFT Foundation has had a board member position become vacant.  Mary Lou Dobbs has left the board and we thank her for all her contributions and support over the last few years.

The board has a vital need for someone with fund raising skills.  If you or someone within the TFT world have these skills or interest, and would be willing to join our board, please email me,

tappingwinterIf you haven’t read the most recent issue of Tapping For Humanity, please take a quick look.  I am confident anyone with humanitarian interests would be pleased to work with us.  You can download your issue here:  Click here to download your issue of Tapping For Humanity .

Thank you for your help in filling this position.

Joanne Callahan, MBA
President, Callahan Techniques, Ltd.

Creating Peace One Heart at a Time – Please visit the site –  – watch the video, share it with everyone you know and help us begin to create PEACE amidst a chaotic and traumatized world.


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  1. Suzete Ribeiro
    Suzete Ribeiro says:

    I’m a Brazilian woman who lives in Ireland, I would like to learn all about this technique, but I can’t find near me and it’s very expensive as well…… it’s something that is really in need here but people only thinking in make money 😥. Can you help me please?


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