Tapping to Relieve an Allergic Reaction

Tapping away allergic reactions

During our morning walk, on our lovely beach near our home in Costa Rica, we took our morning swim in the warm Pacific Ocean. Occasionally, there are jellyfish present and I experienced some stings from them. The stings are mild and create, what I thought would be a mild reaction, itching and stinging of the skin area touched. Adrian experienced the same symptoms.

After swimming, we continued our walk. Shortly thereafter, I experienced a very rapid heartbeat, to the extent of becoming light-headed. I immediately tapped for it and it reduced somewhat. However, it did not stop. So, we sat down on the sand and I began testing.

Most often, atrial fib and rapid heartbeat are aggravated by toxins so I tried to see what I may have used or eaten that morning but came up with nothing that was a toxin. After sitting there for about 10 minutes, still with rapid heartbeat, I remembered the jellyfish stings. I tested it and sure enough, it was a toxin. I immediately tested and used the toxin treatment.

The rapid heartbeat then slowly stopped. Within about 2 minutes all traces of the atrial fib were gone. Now, had I not had the tools to do the testing and neutralization, I could have rushed off to the emergency room, undergone all kinds of tests, and then been offered medication to handle it.

NOTE: I am relatively sensitive to insect bites and this kind of reaction, and highly allergic to bees. Adrian had no reaction to the jellyfish.

While I am certainly not advocating that you not use emergency medical attention when needed, I feel it is a blessing to be able to test and identify then neutralize this kind of effect. I do believe we all should have that kind of control and power for self-healing.

Stay safe and stay healthy,

Joanne Callahan

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