A Key to What Might Be Contributing to our Overall Level of Stress and What We Can Do About It.

When Dr. Roger Callahan began developing TFT and tapping, he studied many fields and combined the knowledge he gained from all of those fields to develop this natural healing system.  Robert O Becker’s book The Body Electric was one of his favorite and early studies.  I still have his copy, marked excessively with notes and comments on testing he did from what he learned.

Even then, Dr. Robert O. Becker (1985) wrote of how the immune system is weakened by manmade electromagnetic fields (EMF) via the induction of “subliminal stress”:

Since that time, we are seeing a steady increase in the number of clients that come to us with EMF sensitivity from mild to life-disabling.  We have been testing the best protective measures for ourselves and clients now for 20 years.  We have used Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and now the BioField as measures of the protection afforded various devices.

Now the media is flooded with news about the Coronavirus and how important it is to support and protect our immune systems.  The media also is sharing with us the pros and cons of the new 5G networks.

We just recently held our Optimal Health and Advanced level trainings in the middle East and already have witnessed the physical and emotional effects of the 5G networks on our practitioners and clients there.  Anger, resentment, fear, frustration, increased accidents, mental capabilities of their children, and more are appearing where the 5G is being installed.

Our Shungite with Zero Field energy appears to be protecting and mitigating the effects of the 5G however, much more is needed to achieve the protection than with the 4G networks.

I just received an article about how the Corona Virus is associated with the rollout of 5G in Wuhan.  Since prevention is always a good tactic, I have included a part of the article and full link for our readers.

For those of you who have the advanced level of TFT skills, you can test the best protective measures and shields for yourself.  It might be a good measure to increase your EMF protection.  The products we offer and have tested are here:  http://www.tfttapping.com/zero-point-energy-products/

One more note, with current research showing that much of cancer is due to “stress” from lifestyle, toxins, EMF’s, and mental toxicity, we need to take a look at what options we have for passive tools to support our health and protect us from that which we cant change.  The new film “Cancer: The Integrative Perspective” has experts like Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden sharing the latest information.

This is a technical article with many references but definitely provides information worth considering.  https://www.electricsense.com/5g-coronavirus/ (source of the 11,500 word article, which includes a bibliography with 88 references)

In a recent paper of his titled “Massive Predicted Effects of 5G,” (Dec. 17, 2019) 69 Pall states that “given the high pulsation level for 5G radiation, even short exposures may well produce severe biological effects,” not to mention the power densities of up to 30 times higher than previous systems of 1G to 4G and with penetration being enhanced via the magnetic component.

He is predicting that with the full-fledged turning on of 5G (versus just its trial phase, where there is little communication yet happening with the 5G), that we will be seeing

(1) decreased human reproduction,

(2) lowered collective brain function,

(3) very early-onset Alzheimer’s,

(4) increased autism and ADHD,

(5) deterioration of the human gene pool, and

(6) massive increases in cardiac arrests.

While following the rollout of 5G, he has tracked numerous signs of its biological effects. For example, he has outlined increases in neuropsychiatric effects, cardiac effects, and electromagnetic hypersensitivity, taken from Swiss online articles, 70 71 as what we are already starting to see with the advent of this technology:

  • Increases in insomnia, tinnitus, headaches, inability to concentrate, and fatigue.
  • Increases in electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).
  • Increases in cardiac arrhythmias.

He reports that while these effects had been reported before with occupational exposure studies and smart meter studies,

the effects appear to be much more severe following [the rollout of] 5G” with “even more severe apparent [yet to be published] 5G neuropsychiatric effects [appearing] in Southern California, with their own recent massive rollout of 5G.

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