Diagnostic Process Course now available in French

Dear TFT Community,

We are excited to announce our new Diagnostic Process:  Determining Specific and Individual Tapping Protocols has just been launched in French.    I just received the following details.

Joanne, I am very pleased to announce that your Paris TFT Dx online training has been launched! Hooray!

Here is the link to the Training Session: https://bebooda.fr/formations/formation-de-tft

Our English version will go live next week.  These new courses are the first online of our new, updated Diagnostic level training.  They include all of the new, tested protocols that have been added to the live trainings.  It is now possible to acquire TFT-Dx level certification online.  This helps so many more achieve this level TFT, from anywhere in the world.  The Spanish version is in translation now so watch for it to be announced later this year.

Thank you,

Joanne M Callahan, MBA
President, Callahan Techniques, Ltd.

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