Anti-Aging, Increased Energy and Peace and Calm?

While it sounds hard to believe, so did tapping under the eyes to cure a phobia.

Since the early 1980’s the feats of TFT have been hard to believe and have held up over time. TFT is a constantly evolving healing modality, and now we have added a new level of healing and use of the meridian systems. Combined with our new 5 PR’s and resonance testing, we have just initiated it with our VT Conference and Advanced workshop attendees. This new protocol will be a cornerstone of our new Personal Healing Retreats, the first of which will be in December in Costa Rica.

Adrian Alexander, the developer of the technology describes it as follows:

We have created a positive polarity application through the use of the meridian system – which has 14 meridians. Out of the 14, 12 meridians represent the negative polarity and are energetically dominant or more active than the opposing 12 meridians that represent the positive polarity. We apply this principle of balance by creating, with the use of audio technology (positive polarity application) of specific audio vibrational frequencies that we use directly on the meridian points. That means we are simply using the two sides of the body containing the same meridians on the left side and the right side to allow us to apply this balancing technology and create balance not only in our physical body but effectively in our multidimensional being, from dense to subtle.

Through research and testing, we found that we can make this technology more effective if we utilize a specific frequency that not only creates balance through the meridian system but has been proven to spike the production of the hormone telomerase – thereby enhancing anti-aging (Cosic, Cosic and Lazar, 2015).”

Immediately following the VT Conference some of our long-time practitioners at the advanced level joined us to experience this new technology. Their comments ranged from “This is good”, “I feel great!”, “….my experience was very similar to how I feel after a meditation. I felt very relaxed, grounded, focused and energized (balanced and sustained energy)“, to detailed descriptions:

From the beginning of the session, I experienced immediate opiation followed by rejuvenation and a sense of well-being. I maintained, with ease, the opiation and high meditative state throughout the session and for a good 24 hours following the session. – AA

Immediately after the treatment I felt good. During it, as I mentioned, I experienced some very cool visual phenomena that I hadn’t expected, and a feeling of glowing happiness.

About an hour or two later I wondered if there was “Anything in my system, physical or etheric, that was resisting the treatment.” Testing this I found that there was. I corrected these three things and began to feel a tremendous energy level. I felt as if I could climb tall buildings and go faster than a speeding train all in a positive and happy way. I was doing a lot of driving and enjoyed a couple of hikes along the Blue Ridge. – Roger Ludwig, TFT-Adv

I had a nice after dinner Meridian Balance session. It was a nice feeling while they did it and it carried over. I never had it before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I went to sleep about 10 PM with a set alarm for 5 AM. I had a long drive of ten hours back to Canada.

The next morning on my way down from the mountain (Wintergreen Resort-where the Advanced workshop was) I had a sensational feeling of total understanding. Everything was suddenly clear, I could even see the trees breathing. It was an emotional high I wish to experience again. It lasted for a whole day. I want MORE… – Chuck Mezei, TFT-Adv

If you haven’t heard about the anti-aging effects of telomeres or telomerase you can view this brief article in Science News: Hidden secret of immortality enzyme telomerase Can we stay young forever, or even recapture lost youth? Date: February 27, 2018 Source: Arizona State University

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