The Tapping Solution: Our Latest Book – Tapping the Body’s Energy Pathways

Our New Book Is Now Available!

Real People Reveal How Thought Field Therapy® Heals Trauma, Anxiety and Disease.

To all the Thought Field Therapy practitioners around the world who have helped hurting and despairing people recover their lives, this book is dedicated to you. -Roger and Joanne Callahan

For the past 30 years, a simple technique called Thought Field Therapy has been rapidly healing negative emotions such as trauma and anxiety—and even disease—for people who are desperate to regain wellness and normalcy in their lives.

What started as a simple therapeutic treatment to stimulate the body’s own healing systems through the identification of a specific code and then tapping this code on various points of the body—using the same system Chinese acupuncturists do—has become a mainstream therapy accepted by medical doctors, psychologists, alternative healthcare practitioners and even military mental-health personnel.

Thousands of people have recovered rapidly from troublesome disorders like insomnia, gout or tinnitus. Others have eliminated stress, anxiety and phobias such as fear of flying and fear of public speaking—literally within minutes. Still others with life-threatening cancer have completely reversed the disease. Hundreds have regained their lives by curbing addictive urges for nicotine, controlled substances or obsessive behaviors. And those suffering the aftereffects of trauma—warfare, rape, injury or loss—have instantly removed the horrible emotions and feelings tied to that event which previously controlled their lives, sometimes for decades.

But while hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have proven that Thought Field Therapy (or “TFT”) is the most effective tool available for rapidly improving one’s physical and mental health—surprisingly, millions of consumers still suffering from illness, stress, depression and trauma have yet to even hear of it.

That, we believe, is about to change.

With the stories in this book, you’ll see for yourself how other people—perhaps with the same disorder or limiting behavior that you have—have used TFT to instantly calm the stress, eliminate the fears and phobias, erase what’s holding them back from success, and begin the process of healing, both physically and psychologically.

You’ll read stories from soldiers, housewives, retirees, teachers, sports trainers, doctors, veterinarians and corporate executives. You’ll discover how TFT works for babies, athletes, bombing victims, war refugees, teenagers, even horses and dogs. You’ll celebrate with stroke victims, heart patients, mothers-to-be, young children and others as they find relief and recovery.

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And you’ll read stories from the TFT practitioners themselves who, every day, treat clients from all walks of life.

Within these stories, perhaps you’ll see a little of your own life—a similar disorder or past trauma or controlling behavior that could be eliminated easily, painlessly and rapidly with TFT.

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11 replies
  1. valerie dukes
    valerie dukes says:

    i would like very much to order the book , but i just don’t like ordering on line , is there another way to order ? like by mail with an address or by phone with a number , thanks

    Please call 760 564-1008 to order… editor

  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    hi there, does the book contain only stories of people telling that it works, or does it also tell you how to put it into practice?


    • Roger Callahan
      Roger Callahan says:

      It has stories of how TFT is being used on a wide variety of situations… plus we have created an online resource section to hep you learn how to use TFT for specific challenges.

      Thanks, Joanne

  3. sidsel
    sidsel says:

    My problem is that I feel very uneasy by the sound of someone knocking on my door. On a scale 1-10. 10 is likely. Some crazy neighbor in my house have been doing this for some time now during night-time that is. And now I wake up “hearing” the same sounds. I have been taping this while asleep to prove that they are real because it “happens” nearly every night. But when listening to the recorder there is no sounds alike. So I begin to believe there is a tumor in my brain. Q: can I be helped by your TFT? Sincerely yours

  4. Rodolfo
    Rodolfo says:

    Hi, I just tried for the first time..with the help of Caitlin Phillips, thank you. And I’m feeling a nice flow in my brain, hum, I wonder what it in my whole head, like..the feeling when someone caress your head with love..awe, if feels so good, I guess that’s what I had been lacking of since I was a child.. For years I even lack of my mom’s kisses and hugs, as well as dad’s. I’m 34 right been a long long time of lacks, situations and traumas. I still have my parents and since I learn the importance of giving and receiving hugs and kisses I try to visit them and take the iniciative so I share this priceless gift, the ones of giving love, to try to recover the lost times.. as well as everything I learn, I try to share it with them. Thank much..

  5. charmain
    charmain says:

    Good Day

    i see many have copied your theraphy and i prefer getting my answers from the origanal
    (1) does your book include a video on the tapping points so that i can show to my kids i
    do not want to teach them the wrong points
    (2) what is the differance between TFT and EFT
    (3) do you ship to South Africa and what is the cost for your book and video
    (4) do you show how to do tapping for abundance
    Thanking you in advance for taking the time to answer my quetions and i wish you many sucesses


    • Roger Callahan
      Roger Callahan says:

      Hi Charmain,

      1) The book has a video library link to a lot of specific videos.
      2) EFT was taken from TFT and misses a lot of the specific tapping sequences.
      3) Yes.. the book shipping will show before you buy- once you enter your address. The videos are online, so no shipping
      4) Tapping for abundance is a marketing gimmick others use. There really is no magic to achieving abundance. Abundance comes from overcoming your challenges, so you are clear to focus on what is important.

      Hope this helps
      TFT team


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