New Communication and Marketing Tools for TFT Practitioners

TFT-EFT marketingWe are contacted by people all over the world, daily, asking these questions about tapping:

  • How can I find a practitioner in my area?
  • Do you have someone who specializes in —–?
  • What would Dr. Callahan do for this problem?
  • Have you ever worked with people with such and such?

As TFT is now in it’s 32’nd year, there is a vast amount of expertise, not only from our office and Dr. Callahan, it’s founder, but from our highly skilled and long time TFT practitioners around the world.  The ability to “tap” into this vast volume of knowledge is a valuable resource for everyone.

We have participated in or hosted list serves and yahoo groups in the past but they have all had their limitations.  Working with our web/internet expert, we believe we have found an excellent list serve product, allowing ease of use for members, simple moderation, and member support.

If you have questions about how a list serve operates and the guidelines, please contact our TFT List Serve Administrator, for details.

We now have over 1000 members on this new list and look forward to many more joining as the word gets out.  You will be part of a large community of TFT practitioners and be able to:

  • Learn about the latest TFT news and research.
  • Ask questions directly of Dr. Callahan.
  • Communicate and share information with other TFT practitioners around the world.
  • Be the first to hear about new products and live events to improve your knowledge and expertise.
  • Read interesting case studies and new applications.

We all know, one can have the best product in the world, but if you can clearly present it and let everyone know about it – successfully market it – no one can benefit from it.

We  now have a world-class marketing and internet specialist, assisting with our search engine placement, Google Adwords / pay-per-click advertising, to place TFT and our web sites in front of the market seeking emotional freedom, personal development and optimal health.  We want our TFT Practitioners to share in this increased awareness and recognition of TFT.   Our TFT Practitioners Directory is a way for all of them to benefit from our marketing, and help provide all levels of TFT to people around the world.  To make sure you are listed on this directory or to find a practitioner near you, go to .

Join us and become a part of this healing community.


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