TFT “taking care of those who take care” VERSUS COVID19

By Edna-Pereira, Brazil

Last Friday 03/20/2020 I had an insight and in my mind, I figured it out how we could help. I called Marina Haniuda also a TFT Voice Technology therapist, my course partner (TFT) since Boot Camp in 2018, who became like a sister to me as we have already shared a lot of learning together, including ways to help others from a distance. She had even seen me during a gallbladder crisis where I couldn’t even apply the trauma sequence.

I asked her “do you want to join me in this endeavor? Let’s do this together?”, and she immediately accepted.

So we agreed to ask for a list of the names and photos of these helping professionals at the hospitals, and yo treat them. We thought as we do not know them, we would do our vibrational tuning by the photo and name.  We would make sure we have permission and then we would be able to test and treat them.

Next, I called Adriana coordinator of Projeto Despertar and we agreed that she would start sending the names and photos and that we would immediately start treating them with TFT to relieve the tension of them all.  Almost immediately she sent over 10 names and photos. They were and still are going through deep despair and each day the situation multiplies.

On the next day, we started receiving many names and then we agreed to ask for help in the TFT WhatsApp group of Voice Technology Brazil, asking who could help and had experience with remote treatment as we would not have direct contact with the patients.  We gathered a group of around 15 people.  And practically every hour I distribute the photos and names.

Even those who had no experience in this way of treating asked for explanations, and we managed to do a wonderful job.

This Sunday afternoon 03/22/2020 we have already treated more than 60 people. We started to screen people who were afraid, people who were terrified / panicked, people with suspected contamination and people infected.

Our thought is that if we manage to prevent a “contaminated” person from contaminating dozens of others, we can help a lot. That is why as soon as the names arrive it is a type of “emergency” for me, I will immediately look for who is available, because as we manage to boost the immune systems to neutralize the virus, the sooner we do the work, many lives can be saved.

The reports of those who have already been treated move us all the time, as well as those of therapists who can visualize a smile on the one who has just been treated.

The treatments have been done within the protocols of advanced level TFT, the question of permission is always implemented.

Today 03/20/2020 Joanne Callahan gave us some additional ways to ensure the authorization or not to treat each one of those people.

Overall we treat the toxicity in people who have the virus (using our advanced level TFT tests), for both the virus and other identified toxins. If the tapping needs to be repeated, they are assisted by each therapist involved in the “Project”  who act as angels for the person he / she accepted to help because he / she will give support by doing daily tests and giving continuity in the treatments, that is, actually doing the treatment for him/her.

When everything started: In January 2020, we started a partnership with a project called “PROJETO DESPERTAR” (AWAKENING PROJECT) within Hospital São Paulo and Escola Paulista de Medicina / UNIFESP (São Paulo-Brazil) where integrative practices are applied. Just for knowledge “Escola Paulista de Medicina” is the largest and most important Medical University in Brazil.

It is a project organized by a nurse who is also “Reikian” who, on a daily basis, observed the need to help more effectively her colleagues who felt unmotivated by the pressures inherent to the profession. She searched for small spaces inside the Hospital and installed care rooms. In the same place, different professionals from different lines of therapy attend Reiki, quick massage, E-ma sound, Biokybernetik and recently TFT.

They do, I mean, we do about 500 calls a month normally. Among those attended are all the staff of the Hospital and the College/UNIFESP.

By recommendation of a TFT Voice therapist, Rodrigo Carmona de Paula, who belongs to the Project since the beginning with other practices, at an online meeting of the Voice group, told us about the possibility of joining a group of therapists and volunteering at that clinic/Projeto Despertar (Awakening Project).

I was particularly delighted with the idea and we organized a group wich includes Leandro Percário, Instituto TFT Brasil, we are ten (10) at this moment. Since the first appointment, we felt that we had a lot to do there to help, cases of severe depression, and even suicidal thoughts among many others. It would be a great challenge and learning.

We served until 03/10/2020 when activities had to stop due to COVID 19.

In the meantime, I contacted the Project coordinator several times and she told me that they were more “scared” every day with terrible crying crises. It started to distress me in a way that I thought there must be some way to help “now”, we could not wait.

Nowadays we are finding people who work at Hospitals posting at their facebook page their fears, so I started also “inbox” sending them a video that I did myself (in Portuguese) with Joanne’s new specific sequence for Coronavirus’ fear.

Join us TFT’S FAMILY, also with more ideas to help.


By Edna Pereira – Voice Technology Therapist
São Paulo – Brazil

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