Tapping Your Way to Health With TFT

for the burning heart

Thought Field Therapy is well established as breakthrough process that Dr. Roger Callahan discovered 30 years ago, helping to put individuals back in charge of their own healing process.

With rising health care costs, more people than ever are looking for alternative health solutions that will save them a visit to the doctor’s office. In fact, a recent report on Complementary and Alternative Medicine by the American Institute of Medicine states finds over 1/3 of Americans have pursued some form of alternative health treatment.

Thought Field Therapy has many followers who have adapted Dr. Roger Callahan’s techniques and position it as an offshoot.  Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT, is one example. Although the “offshoots” are marketed well on the Internet, few have the rich history and the success of TFT. In fact, TFT is now used to treat trauma victims of genocide, natural disasters and war through the ATFT Foundation.

TFT also helps soldiers returning from combat.

“For 25 years I have treated American war veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have witnessed gallant efforts to keep a job, be members of a family, overcome homelessness and resist the temptation of suicide.

I am very grateful to Dr. Callahan for his discovery of Thought Field Therapy. For too long a time, my patients and I have yearned for something like this. In my opinion, this gentle action technique is easily the best approach to thorough and enduring relief from this crippling psychological disorder.”

Carl Johnson, PhD, Diplomat in Clinical
Psychology, American Board of Professional
Psychology, Program for Homeless
Veterans, Martinsburg, West Virginia

With TFT successfully being used by medical professionals, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, life and business coaches, energy healers, and other caring individuals all around the world to address everything from relationship issues to chronic physical pain, isn’t it worth putting TFT to the test for yourself?

Click here to listen to Dr. Roger Callahan and Joanne Callahan where they discuss TFT and also an upcoming tele-class program.

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Our body’s inner intuitive harmony and wisdom is the best healing wellspring available, so putting your body, mind and spirit back into harmony by allowing its healing wisdom to become available might just be the best gift that you’ll ever give yourself.

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  1. Joseph
    Joseph says:

    First and foremost to all, a kindly hello!. About a week ago I downloaded the quick guide on how to relieve stress, not knowing what the gamut spot was so I purchased the book “Tapping the healer within”… I already knew what was bothering me, (stress), so I did what was told to do,(at home), then latter on went to work, (oh! did I mention: my stress was work related and fellow co-worker(s) related). To my surprise it worked. I have to tell all of you readers this: I was in awe and dumbfounded all at the same time, because I knew instantly it worked..The moment this co-worker made a comment I just looked in this persons direction and like magic, nothing this person said affected me in any way. That’s when I knew this technique worked. And as this person talked I listened, but did not have any emotion toward this persons words or comments. To me, this was worth alot more than the price of this book…And its so easy to use and do…As an old saying goes: “Try it, you’ll like it”… And in my case: I love it… Thanks for reading my post, I hope I helped you decide. Joe..


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