Can We Feel Better and Sleep Better This Summer?


How we feel is directly related to how much quality rest we get.

Based on the multiple web statistics for the USA or Canada or Great Britain, “Insufficient Sleep Is a Public Health Epidemic”.

The western world seems to have an increasing problem with sleep disorders. So much so, that recent studies in all three countries are calling it a Public Health Epidemic – saying it is “putting our health at risk”. Sleep insufficiency is linked to motor vehicle crashes, industrial disasters, and medical and other occupational errors.

A perfect example of this was a feature story on the evening NEWS – a bank employee fell asleep across his keyboard and instead of making an $83 transfer into a retiree’s bank account, he transferred over $2 million dollars. Luckily the bank caught the error and corrected it. But what if he had fallen asleep across the steering wheel of his car, he could have caused a fatal accident.

People who suffer from poor sleep are also more likely to suffer from chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, depression, obesity and even cancer.

Millions of us suffer the consequences of too little sleep. What are our options? We face the troublesome side-effects of the common OTC or prescription drugs offered to remedy insomnia.

We have all heard the warnings on the commercials, visually showing a beautiful butterfly hovering over a smiling, sleeping individual, while quickly telling you the side-effects and cautions such as don’t drive, or you may experience agitation, dependency, sleep-walking, suicidal thoughts, etc., etc. And, even if the drugs help you sleep, they don’t address the real cause underlying the sleep disturbance, pain, stress, anxiety, worry, low mood or even jet lag.

Studies have blamed lack of sleep for many chronic and  degenerative health issues:

•Obesity •Anxiety •Addiction •Diabetes
•Depression •Fatigue •Compromised immune system

All of which add up to greater stress and a reduced quality of life.

Obesity, anxiety, depression—all are known as both a cause and a consequence of insufficient sleep. Those who are obese have been shown to have reduced sleep quality, and, those that have insufficient sleep, tend to have more weight gain—a vicious circle. Our chaotic environment with information overload causes constant worrying and even fear which interfere with our quality of sleep and enjoyment of life.

Even our allergies and sensitivities contribute to our lack of sleep. The ability to identify and neutralize these toxins can lead to a much more restful sleep.

While OTC medications and prescription drugs have negative side-effects and only address symptoms, TFT can safely help eliminate the stresses and real causes of lack of sleep.

Studies have shown that tapping normalizes cortisol (our stress hormone) levels, eliminates physical pain, lifts moods and reduces anxiety and even stops the nightmares and grief from accidents and natural disasters.

You can use TFT to free yourself of the anxiety and fears of the summer holiday season and safely and effectively eliminate the causes of your insomnia and sleep problems. Improve your quality and quantity of restful sleep without the side-effects of medications or the risk of dependency. In fact, since you will be addressing the source of the problem, you are improving your quality of life.

Major Causes of Insomnia and Sleep Difficulties:

  • Past traumas and associated nightmares
  • Stress and anxiety and fear
  • Physical pain
  • Depression
  • Toxins and sensitivities
  • Jet lag

Over the last three decades, we have successfully helped relieve all of the above challenges with TFT.

With TFT, you can enjoy:

  • More energy
  • Better moods
  • Stronger immune system
  • Peaceful night’s sleep
  • Improved health
  • More control over your emotions

For some, going on vacation or holiday means relaxation and yet for others it means increased anxiety due to travel, more family encounters, sleeping in a strange place, meeting strangers, stress and fear of the unknown or uncontrollable, or maybe just plain old jet lag – the disturbance that many experience when rapidly crossing the earth’s electro-magnetic fields.

During our new teleclass we will address each one of these and help you to develop your own tapping sequences for a peaceful night’s sleep. The use of Thought Field Therapy® has become a lifestyle for many. It’s a tool for the entire family, melting away life’s challenges and freeing us to be happy and productive.

TFT can be a useful tool to improve our quality of life, even in the most challenging of environments. One of our readers from Afghanistan shared his experience.

“I work for the US military in Afghanistan and my job can be difficult I work in the mountains and at time injuries occur, but we just suck it up… and move on.

I was on my day off and was looking at some web sites when I came across some story of a person who had used TFT and gave details…I thought about this and I decided to try it for myself in the cover of my room.

I then went to bed and fell into a deep sleep…in the morning I had to do a 5 mile run…so off I went a little time into my run I realized I had no pain in my knee. When I got back to my room I thought about it and decided and try it on my energy level. To my amazement I felt incredible…and since that very first time I used TFT on my knee I have never had any more pain also I have got into the habit of using it every day and I am amazed by the constant results I have decided to learn all I can and I hope to be a Trainer of this amazing system I would tell everyone to try it for themselves asap it is incredible.”

Over the years, we have had many requests for help for sleep problems. Don’t miss our new teleclass – Feel Better – Sleep Better on June 27th, and learn how to successfully use TFT tapping to address the underlying causes of most sleep problems. We will go step-by-step thru how you can tap away the emotional and physical pain, blue moods, stress and worrying that keep us awake all night long.

We will also address the problem of toxins and how they can interfere with our sleep, cause those jumpy legs or restless legs, racing heart rate and more. You will learn about some simple tools to help neutralize the effects of these toxins.

We will give you the algorithm or common tapping sequence for each of these challenges, then direct you in how to best combine them to relieve your own daily challenges, leaving you stress free, relaxed and ready for bed. Use tapping as an alternative to the demoralizing (and risky) options of medications.

Thought Field Therapy® (TFT) has proven extraordinarily effective at bringing us a peaceful night’s rest, addressing the underlying causes without side effects. We will work with volunteers, one-on-one, at the end of class to help them get a customized tapping sequence. Sign-up early as our volunteer and demonstration spots always fill up early.

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