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ACEP Lifetime Achievement Award

Joanne Callahan and Roger Callahan ACEP Lifetime Achievement   AwardIt was truly an honor to be recognized by colleagues from around the world, for my thirty years of building Thought Field Therapy (TFT).   There was so much excitement and warmth from so many of the over 500 people attending the annual ACEP conference.

People came up to me throughout the four days telling me how pleased they were to carry on my work into the world.  Others said, “you saved my life three years ago”.   Some I have met previously but had not seen for years, others I did not know but all showed the same warmth and appreciation with a passion for helping others.   It was inspiring to see all the various forms of Tapping, the research being done and the humanitarian relief work that is helping so many people throughout the world.

The source of tappingJoanne and I received a standing ovation from our workshop “Thirty Years of Healing With Thought Field Therapy” as we demonstrated the power tools of TFT and showed the many changes and improvements that have taken place in TFT over the last three decades.  They were so grateful and some even expressed surprise at how much TFT has evolved from it’s early days as the Callahan Techniques.

I was so proud when our ATFT Foundation team, Suzanne Connolly and Caroline Sakai, presented their humanitarian relief work and PTSD studies and announced the acceptance for publication of the first study.  They too received a standing ovation and a very strong endorsement from one of ACEP’s lead researchers, David Feinstein.

ACEP ConferenceThe entire conference was exciting with a wonderful positive community spirit. I am pleased to see that our practitioner base is growing and we welcome all who are working with tapping, at the algorithm level, to continue on with their skills and grow with our new training programs in TFT.

A special thanks to all of our clients, practitioners and “tappers”… you’ve helped to make TFT the success it is today,

Roger Callahan.


tft-articleEnergetic Medicine Research recently featured Thought Field Therapy in their Quantum Health magazine.

Dr. Callahan’s life-long quest for more effective ways to help clients–without the need for them to suffer during the healing process—has resulted in a simple yet highly effective method of healing negative emotions, including the debilitating effects of trauma.

TFT works across all age groups, genders and cultures – even other species (dogs, cats, horses, etc.)

One of the aspects of TFT of which we’re most proud is that it is perfectly safe. We’re aware of no cases of harm over 30 years of healing. This degree of safety is rare in today’s health care systems.

TFT can have the most profound and immediate impact on the life of an individual, indeed of the world, by healing the effects of trauma. The world is filled with the agony of trauma from natural disasters to the man-made violence of war, genocide and terrorism. When people become stuck in trauma’s vice-like grip, we see a continued cycle of violence.

Victims become perpetrators. Their lives are filled with anger, hatred, revenge and violence, unable to feel hope or joy. The need to open their hearts to peace, compassion and hope for the future–and break this cycle of violence–is vital to our existence as a species and our planet as a whole.

The ATFT Foundation is deeply committed to its mission of providing TFT trauma relief to those who need it, wherever that may be in the world. Effective TFT trauma relief can be done quickly and at no cost to needy communities. Additionally, it can be taught to local leaders in a couple of days, enabling them to capably continue the healing long after the foundation team has left.

These humanitarian and educational efforts are refined and improved with the aid of research. After several missions to traumatized areas throughout the world, the ATFT Foundation has developed a dynamic model for volunteer response to large-scale trauma anywhere in the world.

Our first indication of how truly effective TFT can be in the face of horrific large-scale trauma was in Kosovo. Dr. Carl Johnson led several teams of TFT practitioners to this war-torn country, where they found that using TFT to treat victims of the war produced a very high success rate that has held up over time. (Johnson, C., Shala, M., Sejdijaj, X., Odell, R., & Dabishevci, D. (2001). Thought Field Therapy: Soothing the bad moments of Kosovo. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 57(10), 1237- 1240).

Since that time, the ATFT Foundation has sponsored many TFT trauma relief missions throughout the world. The research that has been conducted during some of these missions clearly demonstrates TFT’s high level of effectiveness with severely traumatized populations. During more recent efforts, in Rwanda and Uganda, the teams left in place an infrastructure of trained TFT therapists to support their local communities with trauma relief and healing.

quantum-magazineIf you are interested in learning more about how TFT is helping others, you can download a PDF of the magazine here.

The ATFT Foundation has sponsored TFT trauma relief work throughout the world. The extraordinary results have been consistent and stood the test of time. It would be both economically and logistically difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish this kind of large-scale trauma relief with more traditional, long term therapies. TFT allows us to help those populations and regions that are often underserved and neglected.

The ATFT Foundation’s trauma relief blog is a resource for all to learn TFT trauma relief procedures. It is free of charge and in many languages. Share this site with anyone who needs help.

If you wish to help support any of these programs or learn more about them, visit the ATFT Foundation at www.ATFTFoundation.org.

ATFT Foundation Relief work

“…a grace they had longed for…”

The following is a brief excerpt from an upcoming article about the work our ATFT Foundation just completed in Uganda.

This is why we believe our trauma relief work is so very important.

“Several of the those participating had been at the Lachor seminary in 2003 when LRA rebels attacked. Government troops counterattacked, unleashing a two hour gunfight at the seminary. But the rebels succeeded, kidnapping 41 teenage boys, marching them, roped in a long column, away to be conscripted into their guerrilla army. Three people were killed.

The priests’ anguish as they silently reflected on their memories of this horror was palpable. As their fellow priests, newly trained, treated them, all watching were eased to feel it pass, like a great oppressive weight lifting from the room. Several of the those treated were transformed, explaining to us the profound compassion and forgiveness they now felt, compassion even for the rebels. This was a grace that they had longed for but had resignedly feared they would never know in this life.”

The ATFT Foundation team trained nearly 500 Ugandans, treated almost that many and left an infrastructure with TFT to serve 500,000 people in Uganda.

You can visit the ATFT Foundation site here for more information.