Roger Callahan Receives the ACEP Lifetime Achievement Award

ACEP Lifetime Achievement Award

Joanne Callahan and Roger Callahan ACEP Lifetime Achievement   AwardIt was truly an honor to be recognized by colleagues from around the world, for my thirty years of building Thought Field Therapy (TFT).   There was so much excitement and warmth from so many of the over 500 people attending the annual ACEP conference.

People came up to me throughout the four days telling me how pleased they were to carry on my work into the world.  Others said, “you saved my life three years ago”.   Some I have met previously but had not seen for years, others I did not know but all showed the same warmth and appreciation with a passion for helping others.   It was inspiring to see all the various forms of Tapping, the research being done and the humanitarian relief work that is helping so many people throughout the world.

The source of tappingJoanne and I received a standing ovation from our workshop “Thirty Years of Healing With Thought Field Therapy” as we demonstrated the power tools of TFT and showed the many changes and improvements that have taken place in TFT over the last three decades.  They were so grateful and some even expressed surprise at how much TFT has evolved from it’s early days as the Callahan Techniques.

I was so proud when our ATFT Foundation team, Suzanne Connolly and Caroline Sakai, presented their humanitarian relief work and PTSD studies and announced the acceptance for publication of the first study.  They too received a standing ovation and a very strong endorsement from one of ACEP’s lead researchers, David Feinstein.

ACEP ConferenceThe entire conference was exciting with a wonderful positive community spirit. I am pleased to see that our practitioner base is growing and we welcome all who are working with tapping, at the algorithm level, to continue on with their skills and grow with our new training programs in TFT.

A special thanks to all of our clients, practitioners and “tappers”… you’ve helped to make TFT the success it is today,

Roger Callahan.


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  1. Dr. Karen McPhail (Dentist, Scotland) TFT-Adv.
    Dr. Karen McPhail (Dentist, Scotland) TFT-Adv. says:

    Congratulations, Roger, on this tremendous Honour !

    I can’t think of anyone more deserving ! You have dedicated your whole life to the healing of others in a most powerful and unique way.

    Your quiet confidence and dogged determinism have won the day, and suffering people throughout the world will be forever greatful that you cared, and still care, so much!

    Genuine humility and love for one’s fellow man have characterised your life. You are a credit to yourself, your nation, and Humanity the world over. If anyone ever deserved a Nobel Prize, it would be you ! All of us will remain eternally grateful for your amazing discoveries.

    Lots of Love to you and Joanne,
    Karen xx (Go Blue!)


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