Some Tools For Optimal Health, Peace and Calm in Today’s Chaotic World

Roger Callahan In London with Abdul Hamid Al Firdaus

Abdul Hamid Al Firdaus and Dr. Callahan share a joyous moment at the Optimal Health course.

Dr. Callahan and I just returned from London where we shared a lovely TFT Optimal Health course with participants from 7 countries.

This course expands our health from emotional and physical levels into our spiritual realm, using TFT to improve our lives in all dimensions. We share with the participants, all the tools we have learned and personally use to achieve optimal health in our lives and the lives of our loved ones.Since this course has developed, I have received many letters and comments about the life-changing results our participants have achieved, whether physical, emotional or spiritual. Our first course produced a much wanted TFT VT baby. The second one had some amazing healings and one very touching spiritual awakening for a veteran.

One of the many things I introduce in the course is my meditation teacher and his work. His CD and his lovely book are a greta way to introduce the benefits of meditation with the class.

The first time I did this, a physician from the UK, wrote me the following:

“Thank you so much for giving us the “Awakening ” book and meditation CD . I thought it was brilliant and I listen to the CD everyday . It has helped me to be at peace more.

It is different from other meditation CDs I have heard in that it allows you to just focus and gain your own experience of the natural energy present .

This spiritual side is helpful in gaining the wider awareness that the same divine energy is present in everyone. This has to be a good thing as it allows love and harmony to be spread and unites all people. This leads to a higher consciousness and a more meaningful existence.

I really admire that you have the courage to share this with us and hope you continue to do so in other courses. It is most valuable.”

Then last week, I received the following:

“I read the book the awakening – it was just on the right day. it brought me back to a place that I thought that I will never be able to reach again.”

Because of comments and testimonials like these, I want to share this with all of our friends, customers and colleagues. Steven Sadleir, author of The Awakening, is offering free meditation calls on October 7 and 14, this month to introduce new people to meditation.

Click here  to sign up for this call.

His classes have brought a much needed peace and calm amidst the turbulence surrounding us all.

To learn more about our upcoming Optimal Health classes, you can also write

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  1. Patsy Gallagher
    Patsy Gallagher says:

    Hi, I have had one session on TFT, it has `Opened Pandora`s box`, so to speak. I have many issues to work through, but TFT has given me hope for the 1st time in my life. I truely believe that this will help me, not instantly, as I have sooooo many issues, but at last I feel that someone understands, & want`s to help, withouth drugs. I am so tired, & conventional medicine has only thrown a veil over my problems. Thank You so much for being there, & for discovering a real way to treat what has been my life since aged 7. I know that there is no instant `cure`, but also know that the healing process has begun, & that I can look forward to a future without pain & sorrow, if I & my therapist work together. What can I say, except thank you, from the bottom of my heart-Keep up with all you are doing & Bless you, My deepest regards, Patsy Gallagher


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