Overcome the fear of public speaking

public speaking overcoming the fear

If the thought of speaking to people in public OR even just speaking to people casually makes your heart race or worse…

Fills you with terror and dread… Our new tele-seminar is for you!

“Growing up, I was horribly afraid of my own shadow, strangers and public places. As a little child, I used to hide under my bed when company came and if we went out in public, I was stuck to my mom as a third leg. As I grew up It became my passion to educate people about my passion, the dangers of what toxins lurk in our homes and work places. There was just one little problem. I couldn’t get over my fear of speaking so I turned down many opportunities to speak. I called doctor Callahan and had a session to work on my fear of public speaking. After our short time together I knew that my life long crippling fear was a thing of the past and I was now set free to go out and pursue my passion of speaking to people about how to build healthier lives at home and their workplace. Thank you Dr. Callahan for teaching me TFT and allow a whole new world to open up to me.”

Chrissy Mayhew, Baltimore MD

When we say “fear of public speaking” what do we mean?

Whenever we say “fear of public speaking” we are talking about ALL types of speaking.

This could be speaking on stage in front of hundreds of people or just giving a small presentation at work to a small group. We are also referring to speaking socially. This could include talking to a group of people at church or at a local gathering – or it could simply mean talking one-on-one with your boss or better yet, that special person in your life.

If you experience any fear or anxiety in these types of situations your success both personally and professionally is being suffocated.

Imagine what your life could be like when you remove the stress that comes along with speaking publicly, privately and socially …speaking any time.

Have you tried all the methods and techniques that claim they can help you with your fear of public speaking?

…spending countless hours preparing for your speeches

…confronting your fear by speaking in public many times

…relaxation exercises, therapy, hypnosis or drugs

…Meditation, personal development books and DVD’s promising you can overcome these fears and live a more fulfilling life

Did any of these approaches really work for you?

Starting October 7th, Dr. Roger Callahan and Joanne Callahan will personally show you how to eliminate ANY fear of speaking you may have… and how you can do it often in just minutes… Guaranteed!

Unfortunately, the tele-class is limited to 26 students.. and it’s filling fast.

If you want to overcome the fear of public speaking, click here to get all the details.

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