Reviews From First Time TFT Users

When people download our free TFT Tapping Therapy Stress-Busters Guide, we follow up with a quick TFT survey, to see just how well it works. Each day we get to hear just how well TFT helps people who are faced with overwhelming anxiety, stress, fears, addiction, past traumas… as well as a wide range problems that you can read of below. (If you’d like to provide us with your results, click here.)

Here’s what people that have tried Thought Field Therapy® – for the first time – have shared with us:

“I am a therapist and have been using TFT successfully with clients for the past year. This has worked well with most issues that they have been facing. I would recommend this method as a quick and easy way to resolve problems.  There are times when a trained therapist is needed to help resolve psychological reversal.” Sonia V.

Anxiety: “I used to be a skeptic but now I am a believer.  I have struggled with anxiety for years and even take medication for it I am now better able to control the symptoms of anxiety allowing for logic to take over my emotions rather than my emotions ruling me.  I am so thankful for this technique.” Katrina

“Almost immediate release of negative thoughts with replacement of positive ones” Sonya

“I read the book and used the therapy in the book and I noticed instant relief, I cant believe it was so easy. I have been going through a lot of stress and trauma lately and and going through the simple tapping techniques has brought me instant relief whenever I want it.” Mark H

“Thank-you, I seem to struggle with past trauma which has effected all areas of my life. I feel my main problem is trust in self and other people. I am a victim of abuse, sexually mentally and physically. Although I have had help in many ways I seem to still struggle with anxiety. My day will start great only to be triggered some how and I feel so I shutdown. This is driving me a little crazy as you can imagine. I have worked with a behavior book 3 an 1 concept and I am a practitioner in Bio-Kinesiology, which by the way I am not doing at this time in my life due to the fact my unconsciousness seems to have a hold on me. I am presently unemployed and would love to get back in the world.  I am a person with great care and concern with a great understanding of the Universal principles that govern our world. I believe I have a lot to offer and yet I feel immobilized and frightened with out just cause in the here and now.

I have done the suggested tapping and I did feel somewhat better. I have found it to be quite easy and with fast results.I could feel the shifting in energy through-out my body and mind.I feel there may be hope yet for whatever my condition is. I just call it over powered by the unconsciousness. Anyway, I thank-you again for having such a wonderful web site” Liana

“I learned a different combination of tapping points before from my homeopath doc and I was looking for other combos so between the two (from you and him) it works great!”

“It has been phenomenal! After only 2 days of tapping I feel like a completely different person! I have been amazed that I can get rid of pain in my body. My wife, son and I had a marathon tapping session in our Chiropractic office yesterday and quite frankly we are stunned how this has changed our lives already! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

“Thanks for the guide. I am psychologist and  a teacher at the same time. I used the TFT for my mum who suffers from depression and for my student who smokes.” Fati

“Any time I am feeling negative about a situation, I tap on the general points as outlined in your basic training and it always makes me feel better.”Steve S.

Trauma of husband’s suicide and stress: “I had immediate results. I was very surprised.  After just a couple of treatments and not being sure if I was even doing it right, I felt relief.” Rae M

Stress and anxiety for the economic recession: “I am already practicing tapping every day and is the only method that drives me out of this situation.” Pavlos S

I am a survivor, emotionally and also literally, of many events.  On the other end, the positive side one could say, I know myself to possess many talents and gifts I could share with humanity. I am 69 and did practice psychotherapy (MFT license) for several decades and also lectured in several universities and colleges. Even then I always had to conquer my anxieties ‘to perform,’ but my creativity, circumstances and a sense of mission did pull me through then. I have relocated in many countries in the course of my life and during  the last decade, after a painful divorce I emigrated to Israel where I thought I’d live my last years . Then a  lucid dream instructed me to travel to Thailand, and so I did, since I feel guided to follow the directions of my deep inner spirit.  There is definitely a spiritual component to my life, one not bound by formal religiosity.  I came back to the U.S.A. in 2007, already in my sixties, and the stress of relocating and trying to find  a way to generate an income in this  strange new (and often toxic) world  seems to have gotten the better of me, at least for now.  I feel under great stress as my money is quickly running out and I seem to easily self sabotage. I know better but…

I believe many of the other issues I have could easily enough be tracked  to the initial life traumas experienced as a holocaust child survivor.  I finally have completed the questionnaire to send to Joanne and noted some of those issues there. In the last few months, my suffering has increased greatly, as I am now living in an area where it seems that, increasingly so in the last few months, sirens are howling and homelessness is increasing. With all my degrees and experience I have not been able to activate my professional life in spite of some good efforts. I am now in the midst of moving out of my present situation and hoping to get some emotional relief and find a place more conductive to my healing, I need to relate more to the beauty of nature than to the social insanity  I see being so accentuated in the “city”. I  hope to quickly get back on my feet, so to speak, and get well beyond all my previous expectations.

When I tap, I experience a definite relief from moments of fear and panic, but then the suffering created by my anxieties  comes back to me and I have to do it again. I hope that my upcoming session with Joanne  ( I have completed the questionnaire and will fax it as soon as I can get to town this afternoon) will change much of that. However I am so low in outer resources – money mostly but  also finding  a new place to live and work from there – that until I find the inner and outer openings that will allow me to generate  enough abundance and resources,  I won’t be able to schedule and pay for additional private sessions. Still,  I hope that once you familiarize yourselves with my situation, you’ll be able to direct me to the appropriate literature on your website and I will also lose my fear (shame? guilt?) of asking for help.  I reviewed some  of your ‘products’ ( audio tapes etc.) and I am impressed by the great potential available.

I am equally aware that you are working with trauma victims in the whole wide world’s war ravaged locations and this feels really good to me. It fits with my highest ideas.  I hold on to good hope, the hope to learn  to return to who I truly am, start rising out of the muck and shine 🙂 … as  I feel I am destined to.  As my  last statement here, I want to share with you that I feel it is not solely a personal healing I am after, but a generational one . I am one who believes that as one heals oneself, one heals several previous and future generations. At least in my own mind and heart, the much needed generational healing of the people I come from ( my original Jewish tribal connection) is intertwined with the wider universal human condition … But I better  stop here and now before I find myself going deeper into speaking of the present metaphysical dynamics  of our planetary and cosmic existence, one  favorite topics of exploration  of mine.

Best regards, Monique

“Even with the little I remembered (tapping my collar bone) I found I was consciously becoming aware of positive emotion, and even started chuckling.” Rawfy

Trauma, child abuse: “It was a great help, I will continue. Thanks a lot!” Mary N.

“Peace. but I have PR challenges and ongoing stress. I have the anxiety-addiction connection, the five minute phobia cure, and tapping the healer within. I will continue to work on my problems. thank you for this wonderful material. I can’t afford a practitioner but I have the books.” Frances

Stress due to death in family and illness of another family member: “I used the technique as demonstrated by the young female subject in the DVD and found it very useful in alleviating my concerns.I was able to relax focus on being happy now.” Dr. Patricia

“I have constant anxiety throughout the day. It occasionally becomes so overtaking that I am scared to leave my house! When stressful situations come along, I have panic attacks, sometimes even days before the situations happen. Because of these problems, I have missed a lot of school.( I am a highschooler.) I am currently trying to work out some medicine, but in the meantime, I am desperatley looking for some relaxation techniques. Also, even when I have daily medicine, my doctor says that I will need some techniques also.

My counselor shared this program (TFT) with me. I do it every morning when I wake up, then I am allowed to have three ten minute breaks for tapping at school. I just started doing the techniques a few days ago, and they have been astonishingly helpful! Generally, I do not even need all my breaks at school because my day started out calmer. I still have anxiety, but it is becoming more and more manageable with your techniques and the medicine!Later in life, I plan to use your techniques for any other stressful situations!  They are miracle techniques!  Thank you so much!” Carol T

“I am a clinical hypnotist and many years I was introduced to EFT during one of my training sessions. Dr. Callahan was mentioned as the  one that was instrumental in discovering this technique, however Gary Crieg presented his version of the technique which he stated replaced Dr. Callahan’s I never questioned him and have studied meridian tapping since then. I use it during ever hypnosis session. Well it was refreshing to learn the Dr. Callahan was still actively involved in TFT. I was curious to find out why Gary had abandoned the 9 point gamut and how much TFT differed from EFt. I am passionate about helping my clients and I will utilize whatever brings them the tastes and most long lasting result.” Michael H.

Stress & anxiety resulting in physical outcomes such as pain in chest & other areas: “I have previously tried EFT so I knew something of the background to TFT. When I tried it after reading the guide I did find my stress levels reducing somewhat. It has resulted in  sensational changes but there has been reduction in my feelings of stress & anxiety. I hope by continuing with the process I will be able to improve my blood pressure problem” Victor

“It helped me 5 years ago after the death of my Mother and I wanted to help my brother who has just taken an OD through depression. After only one session with Mrs. Phyll Robson I felt able to cope with the loss of my Mother and lots of other stress in my life.I was very skeptical but IT WORKS!!” Christine F.

“All feelings lowered to a 2 and I feel just great and looking forward to getting on with my life with a positive state of mind, knowing I have all the tools at my finger tips and resources to help myself.” Paula

“I watched the video demonstration and just tried it out (not sure what to expect) and it worked, I couldn’t believe it.  Thanks.”
Chris De Buyser, Wuustwezel, Belgium (Europe)

Anxiety: “I have bi-polar disorder and am using tapping to relieve stress; it has been helpful!” Pete

“After the online training, pain in my shoulder/arm/hand went from a 8 to a .5.” Ian A

Stress, anxiety,fear, high blood pressure, headaches: “To my complete amazement the techniques work almsot immediately, especially when repeated. At first I was skeptical that something that looked so simple was so effective.” Evelyn R.

Stress from money concerns: “This morning I woke up with a headache at about 5 1/2 on the SUD scale. I did my morning anxiety and stress reducing exercise and the simple trauma algorithms and my headache went to a 3. I went through the sequence again and it went to a 1.”

“I am a mother, a wife, a Registered Nurse and also a coach for a girls youth basketball team and am really hoping to use TFT to help others. I recently used TFT on one of my patients suffering from bulemia. She had just “purged” and unfortunately I was limited with both time and understanding of TFT. I was able to have her “tap” the sequence and her anger went from a 10 to an 8! but then my shift ended and i do not go back to work for about 1 week so i am unsure how my patient is at this time. I have read the free guide and am excited to use it to help myself and to help others. I am interested in attending the “boot camp” in June (montreal) and will most likely purchase the “boot camp” home program this month. i would like to be officially qualified to use TFT with my patients.” Liza S.

Phobia: “I tried it yesterday going over a bridge. I did the phobia tapping a few times before going  over the bridge. I even looked at the water. I felt so good. Thank you.” Lily

EXHAUSTION. TRAUMA, BROKEN HEART, NEGATIVITY, SADNESS, EMPTINESS,  ANGER, DEPRESSION: “Well I have had some improvement, but have a long way to go, as I have years of stuff. I did a TFT course about 4 years ago, I actually rang your office and forgot the time difference and Dr Callahan answered the phone and told me it was very unusual for him to be there at that time and that he had just dropped in to pick something up. He said he would email me with the cost of doing a phone consult. I was so excited it gave me hope. But at that time I could not afford to do it plus I had a terrible phone line and as my voice is very croaky and raspy and weak due to Trauma when I was 14 through to 15 as well as a childhood in a toxic home. I never replied, I guess I sabotaged myself. I have been struggling all that time and only recently started looking into it again and have recently emailed Dr Bray and had some encouraging replies from him which I was extremely thankful for.”
Robyn J.

“I am a long time user of TFT, having attended courses in Perth, Western Australia in 2003 and 2004 with Eugene Piccinotti.  At the time I was the coach of our State’s National  High Performance( Olympic) Diving program and used TFT to deal with issues of fear and anxiety associated with our sport.

“While I am sure that everyone thought I was nuts at the time, TFT had immediate results with athletes previously in able to overcome fears and with their stress levels associated with competition.

The greatest personal  benefit, apart from helping friends and family over the years, has been the ability to control the intensity of migraine headaches.  I had suffered severe migraine from the age of 15 with debilitating pain, visual disturbance and illness.  At it’s worst, a migraine could see me hospitalized, or unable to function for up to 3 days. By tapping at the first signs of migraine I am now able to prevent the worst symptoms and function pretty normally, with only a mild headache for a few hours.

I have successfully helped people overcome trauma, phobias, anxiety, jet lag….the list goes on…. I give thanks to my friend, Romano Tomino, for bullying me into to attending the first TFT Seminar, without whom I would never have been exposed to the life-changing techniques of Dr. Roger Callahan.” Raelene L

Fear of the dark, and being alone anywhere: “was on a trip to see my family and friends in kuwait. i when for group meditation. One smart hansom man mentioned something about TFT so i asked if he can help me withe my fear , and he did. Next i just couldn’t believe what happened, i did not think about anything before going to bed, and i slept,. I woke up in the morning fresh happy till know. its gone. i tried it on my friend and it worked too. Wow i am really very happy. Thank you Thank you Thank you”
Salam Hahn

“I looked at EFT and the tapping made sense but I wanted more background info. After downloading your free guide I was lead to visit our local bookstore and purchase TAPPING THE HEALER WITHIN. Great book, I could relate to your frustration with “the system” and am so grateful you keep looking for alternative solutions. Just as I was ready to start tapping and recording SUDs my husband came along and wanted to know about TFT. He has diabetic neuropathy accompanied by other health problems. The pain is under control with the usual meds except when there are fluctuations in the weather. During these times he is in agony for days on end and nothing relieves the pain. I read from the book to answer his questions. Now he is looking forward to making a plan for using TFT. Although I haven’t started tapping using the Callahan method I know what it feels like from my EFT experiments but the whole time I was reading the book I felt an uplifting energy surrounding me. Thanks for sharing TFT algorithms.” Myrna

“I am crisis councilor (and psychology lecturer). At first I´d read (three time:) step by step) a book “Tapping The Healer Within” (in Estonian). And some days ago I was in Kevin Laye very interesting seminar in Tallinn. After that I start search more internet info. (I´m sorry about my bad English, I´m working only in Estonian and In Russian.)  I have already been practicing with 11 people and 8 of those practices have been very successful. With one person I have problem – this lady is very interesting about TFT, but I can´t help her – answer all the time “Nothing happened.” (problem is anxiety by client words, but I must find something more). Very-very successfully was TFT tapping, when I helped a 63 years man, whom ached tooth. After 20 min tapping ache was lost. I heard only one sentence “It can´t be.”  Tiina N.

“I tapped on the karate edge of hand plus under eyes, under arm and at clavicle spots. I was superbly surprised and pleased as in ten minutes the upset had passed, I was laughing and singing. That was two days ago and the bad feelings have not returned even though I have had to deal with getting then fuel pump replaced.. It worked like Kevin said it would! Thank you so very much Dr. Callahan for such a simple, powerful emotional booster technique. It’s kind of like the Heimlich maneuver for feelings.” Leon P

“I have been using the tapping for anxiety and the breathing exercises and it has been vert helpful. It is amazing to experience that the intense negative feeling just disappears, it just dissolves and i find myself laughing in relief. I have bought the book tapping the body’s energy pathways and i am looking forward to testing more knowledge about this wonderful easy treatment. Thank you, for giving me this fantastic tool.” Ellen B

“I was excited about a new form of selling at my job. I began the tapping process and I gradually began to calm and make sales I never thought I could.” Shirley H

“Originally, I had severe anxiety over various issues. TFT worked wonders for me, and now I use it frequently in my alternative healing practice. It has helped so many of my clients. TFT is awesome – thank you! EFT seems to be superficial, but what I found is that TFT reaches the core of the problem and heals it permanently.  Whenever I meet someone who is using EFT, I immediately tell them about TFT and how it heals on a deep level.” Marilyn C.

“I am looking for help removing my blocks that hold me back from achieving financial wealth. I have achieved periods of calm and relief from anxiety related to my lack mentality. Also found the video EXTREMELY helpful. PLEASE post more videos or send links to more videos as I found it most useful. Wonderful to follow along with.” Adriana

“My experience was as like peeling an onion; peeling bad emotions off of my inner self. I now feel “lighter” and even more positive than ever before! TFT now helps me on a day-to-day basis to restore healthy energy flow when needed. Thank you for this awesome technique :)” Tarjei S.

Smoking and stress: “Learning a different way to control stress and a way that is very easy to do has made a very important and positive impact on my health and life. No longer smoke and feel a lot more confident in my abilities” Steve P

“Instant relief, and calm. Simply amazing!” Janie

“Before I went to work I glanced at the website and implemented the steps and it became a very useful tool.  I started implementing the steps when I found myself in lots of traffic on my way to work. I am so glad that I knew what to do. Thank you.” Adreienne B.

“Felt better after tapping.Routine a bit different to the EFT I’m accustomed to, but I find TFT more credible. Probably because this is the foundation of tapping.” Anrea

“I have used TFT in my daily life.  I have seen it help friends identify things they are sensitive to, reducing anxiety and stress.  I intend to continue to explore TFT more for myself.” Joanne M.

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