TFT for Individual Energy Toxins

Learn the Sensitivities, Intolerances and Toxins TFT Protocol

How much better could you feel every day, if you could learn what things trigger those negative feelings, rapid heart rate, a head ache, or fatigue…. if you can avoid eating things that make you feel bad, or, possibly neutralize them when you eat them, you could significantly improve the quality of your life?

And, what if you could eliminate negative feelings and self-sabotage when they start, or even before they happen?

The top two questions we have been asked over the last three decades of TFT’s development and training are:

How can I identify my own toxins? Or, how can I stop negative thinking and blocks to succeeding?

We have found that the ability to identify and neutralize one’s sensitivities and toxins is vital to good health and well-being. And, the ability to identify and correct psychological reversals and self-sabotage is vital to eliminating negative thinking and destructive  behavior.

The powerful Sensitivities, Intolerances and Toxins TFT protocol and tools we share are so very important for improving overall health and quality of life.

Here’s a sample of what you will learn:

• Some simple ways to identify what is toxic for you
• Learn why most substance testing by chiropractors, naturopaths,
nutritionists, etc. “yields false negatives” and how to
eliminate this error
• Correct layers of psychological reversals
• Five ways to eliminate and avoid psychological reversals
• Simple emergency techniques for adverse reactions
• How your heart rate can help you pinpoint toxins
• What is the Barrel Effect and how it effects our health
• How a Food/Mood Journal can provide important details
• Learn about healthy alternatives to some of the common toxins

The ability to identify toxins and psychological reversals can be to your quality of life. Read the comments below from one our TFT practitioners who worked with Roger to help change her life.

  Roger and I worked together, eliminating toxins and dealing with
  the stress. I had learnt a great deal from Joanne about sourcing
  chemical free products and set about replacing everything in the
  house. I changed my diet and introduced Waiora drops. Guess what!
  Within four months, I could see, I could drive and I had the
  ability to consider working from home again as a therapist. I
  cannot tell you all what a huge relief this physical change had on
  our lives. I have not looked back and thanks to Roger, Joanne and
  TFT we have been saved from the effects of the most debilitating
  and depressing illness.  Amanda Moser

It’s time you take control over your life, eliminating the effects of toxins and getting rid of negative self-talk. You can improve the quality of your life now.

Learn more at our TFT live training:

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