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Many individuals attend our TFT Boot Camps, from all walks of life, either for personal or professional use. Often, those with a currently existing practice, have questions about how they can successfully integrate TFT into their existing practice. So, whenever we receive a case study from someone who has quickly and successfully done this, we like to share it with others.

Jacqueline Smilie is a long-time alternative health care practitioner skilled in EEG, NAET, EFT and others. When she came upon TFT, she was very excited about her results and came to a TFT Boot Camp. The following is an example of how she has integrated her new skills into her current practice.

In fact, she is so excited about her results with TFT and how empowering it is for her clients, she is hosting our January 2012 Boot Camp, in Redlands, CA, just to help make it convenient for her colleagues and clients.

Fear of EEG Neurofeedback ear clip

Jacqueline Smillie, TFT-Dx, Redlands, CA

Jacqueline Smillie, TFT-Dx, Redlands, CAFor over a decade I have used EEG computers for brain training. It is surprising how many young children are quite anxious about putting the gentle electrode clip on their ears. Many children simply can’t be hooked up. I had tried various ways to lower their anxiety. Some would come in every week, sit in the chair holding the clip. I’d give them an ear clip to take home and play with.

These methods didn’t help. I’d let them hook up their parents; sit in a parent’s lap, etc. For many, the anxiety never dropped and the only option was to wait a few more years for them to outgrow their fear before we could train their brain.

Last week, a five year old boy came in for his first EEG session. He was familiar with my office and in fact, had watched his big sister train on many occasions. And yet as soon as he sat in the chair, he froze with fear. “Do you have to put that clip on my ear?”

“Yes, but only if you are okay with that. Are you scared to put it on your ear?” “Yes.”

His mother gave me permission to use TFT to lower his anxiety. He was reversed when he said, “I want to be free of this fear.” After he tapped the PR point, his tapping sequence was Gamut Point, Under Arm, Thumb. The SUD dropped from a 9.5 to a 7.

We treated another reversal and then did the Gamut Circuit, followed by the sequence. He smiled widely and reported that all fear was gone. He was ready to be hooked up. I had him finish with the Rapid Relaxation. We high-fived as his mother looked on in amazement.

As soon as I reached for the rubbing alcohol, used on the ear and scalp before applying the electrodes, he froze again. He said he was afraid the alcohol on his head might make him want to drink, something not allowed in his religion. After his mother’s permission, we treated him for that anxiety as well.

This time after tapping for his reversal, “I want to be free of this fear,” he tapped Under the Eye and Under his Arm. His SUD immediately dropped from 6 to non-detectable dropped. We finished with the Rapid Relaxation.

Anxiety eliminated, his first EEG session was calm, happy and stress free. Until TFT I had never found a reliable way to reduce ear clip and alcohol anxiety.

This week he returned for his second EEG training. I asked if he needed to do any TFT beforehand and he reported that he was ready to go. By the end of the first fifteen minutes he began to squirm a bit. We stopped. He said he was bored. I had him tap Under his Arm, the Gamut Circuit, Under his Arm. He settled down and had his best score, relaxed, focused and happy.

After hosting a boot camp in January, I will plan on becoming a trainer. I leaped at the chance to create a TFT Training Center for the Inland Empire for three reasons. First, after using various energetic healing modalities in thirty years of private practice, I found that TFT is the fastest, most effective, and elegant way to reduce and eliminate the energy of anxiety and trauma.

Equally important, TFT can be used by my clients for their own self-healing. I strive to help my clients develop trust in their Inner Voice. Giving clients the same TFT tools that I use in my practice creates greater self reliance and deeper trust in themselves. With this in mind, I “knew” that I had to create a training center for our local community.

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