How Has TFT Tapping Therapy Helped You?

As you may know, we give away a free TFT Stress Guidein fact the guide is downloaded over 50 times per day.

Everyone that gets the guide is asked to let us know how tapping therapy has worked for them. We do this for a few reasons. First is to make sure that we are providing instructions that are easy to follow, as second is that we like to hear from all of the TFT family.

Over the course of this year we have received over 1,000 surveys from our TFT readers, and we’d like to share some of the surprising results.

Here is a sampling of the results people are getting with Thought Field Therapy®… from just the past 2 weeks.

Feel better about myself. Didn’t realize that the trauma of my mothers sudden death in front of me when I was 3 yrs old had affected me for the next 55 years.


Instant relief, and calm. Simply amazing!

After I performed the tapping technique i absolutely forgot about the stress I was dealing with. I just couldn’t stop laughing!

I applied just the bare beginning meaning finding out what to tap and in what sequence and I right away experienced a positive turn – especially the Reversal taps!  Amazing!

Before I went to work I glanced at the website and implemented the steps and it became a very useful tool.  I started implementing the steps when I found myself in lots of traffic on my way to work. I am so glad that I knew what to do. Thank you.

I feel calmer, I have been tapping everyday for the past three days, everytime I think of it. Helps to put myself in better space, would like to have it specific to my personal needs, think the results will be phenomenal.

Felt better after tapping. Routine a bit different to the EFT I’m accustomed to, but I find TFT more credible. Probably because this is the foundation of tapping.

I used TFT to relieve me of stress during my workday.  During breaks, I would tap and think about the stress leaving my body.  It helped me enormously and I was able to breather better, relax and enjoy my time at work!  Thanks for this valuable tool.  I love that I don’t even need anything but my own hands to take stress away!  It worked immediately and the effects lasted a long time.  I plan to use this as often as I need to whenever necessary.  Thanks!

Kevin suggested your site as one of the means of getting rid of anxieties and negativities. When I downloaded the TFT self help I read it through. The next morning I took my usual walk on my ‘attitude hill’ where i talk to myself and run things over in my mind and I found myself tapping whenever I found myself  On the hill this morning i found myself tapping each time i took a deep breath and feeling better and better with each thought. I plan to get as deep into TFT as i can and use it daily. Thanks for being there for me.

I’m doing the collarbone breathing two or three times a day – I thought at first it was great, but I think I have a problem with trusting my own efforts – I’m also using Susan Hansen’s meridian balancing video.  The two together seem to be working quite well.

Another interesting experience is with my son who is 25 years old software engineer. One day we were playing badminton at 6 am when he asked me to rush back to home. When we came home he removed his T shirt. I could see red rashes like swollen lumps all over his body. He was scratching his body and in pain. We did not have any medicine so my wife went to neighbors to ask if they have any. At that early hours doctors would not have opened their dispensaries neither the medical stores. So I suggested him TFT. I did one NLP exercise with him followed by TFT. By that time my wife came with neighbors, four ladies precise. Our exercise was on. To their (and also mine) astonishment the rashes simply disappeared and itching sensation stopped. They could not believe their eyes. Since then TFT (I knew EFT then) has become integral part of my counseling.”

The guide helps me every day as I am a truck driver. The stresses of the road are now met with a smile and a friendly wave rather than the “rage” I used to dish out.

I received the download and I gave it a try, the result to be honest was not as instant for me as it was for other people but while I was laying down and starting thinking about my 1 million again I actually started to feel something again I actually feel excited about it now i feel more excited about even feeling excited then the actual money. Thank you very very much I would like to know what in my way if it really was depression or maybe stress i never heard of stress or depression preventing to feel emotions. After a few rounds. My levels of anxiety dropped. I felt much calmer and relaxed.

I feel like a big load has been lifted from my mind.I feel more positive.I feel good about the the future.I’m not sure about trust I think I can make it.

“I usually wake up in the middle of the night and during that period I will experience a panic attack of some kind. The attack will range from mild to extreme where I’m pacing back and forth in my bedroom freaking out. Two nights ago I tried the free download. I would say it was a medium range with a knot in my stomach. I performed the anxiety release which lessened the panic but not the knot. Then performed the chest breathing and anxiety release again after. The knot was still there but was reduced and so was the anxiety.  Last night I experience a milder attack and performed the anxiety release. This calmed me down significantly. I was laying there in bed thinking and I realize just how calm and relaxed is was, this took me by surprise. Very helpful! Thank you I am surprised and grateful!!!

“I have had many traumas in my 43 years of life and a very recent one that I couldn’t get out of my head.  Each night I would lay down to sleep and relive the experience. Since practicing The Callahan TFT and collar bone breathing, I have truly not THOUGHT about my “”traumatic experience””, accepted it as something that was meant to be and forgiven myself.  I am just a beginner, but plan on learning more and more about TFT, it’s simple, free and best of all – it works!  Thank you Dr. and JoAnne Callahan.  I can’t wait to learn more.

I was amazed at how tft took such heavy, and emotional events and lifted it out of my physiology. I was floored that in just minutes I had achieved a level of emotional freedom that I had never experienced. Lengthy periods of other forms of treatment never really helped. I felt so stuck and lost emotionally before tft came into my life. When I began to use TFT a feel good, so that is the reason that I believe in that.

I have belonged to a networking group for 2 years, but I still get nervous when I do my presentations. After doing the Algorithm I felt more at ease. only did it once for the stress, it felt good at the time, have to try for the others and do it more often It helped me get a new focus.  One more of positive feelings.

I had a great result with a therapist a few years ago resolving a traumatic event with TFT, so I wanted to try it for weight loss. I discovered my core issue which is abandonment. (which I knew was an issue I had, but didn’t realize consciously how it related to eating until doing some TFT on this issue). Since it has only been a few days, I don’t have any weight loss results to report, but know I feel confident that I can work on my “core issue” and let go of trying to lose weight. Because I was just sabotaging myself anyway. I suppose it kept my mind focused on that and away from the painful core issue. Now I know that I’m so stressed out because I’m trying so hard to keep up appearances (that I was sabotaging anyway), to keep from being abandoned. That’s not a very self-loving way to live. The belief is that I myself am not lovable, but if I try I can be what I think is lovable – which is a stressed out mess and not actually fun to be around. My husband fell in love with me in high school when I had no fear of being myself, now I’m so far away from that person that is stuffed deep down inside and pushed further down with food perhaps. I can’t even speak in a very loud volume because everything is stuffed so deep that I’m actually choking. I really need to release all those deep, stuffed away emotions (fear, anger, sadness). Now I feel like I can consciously think about it and do TFT. Wish me luck! 🙂

As a Somatic Intuitive Training Practitioner I will find these useful in my work. “

By using the tapping, I’ve immediately been able to reduce the weight of axiety or any emotional distress all together.

I’ve only tried it a couple times & my anger related to the trauma was lessened. My goal is to practice this often so that I can master it & completely overcome my obstacles.

It is difficult to avoid negative people when that energy is present in a family member (i.e. where you just cannot “walk away” from the negative/cold attitude)as one could when encountering such in non-family persons.  This seems to be a method to stop my bad emotions (anxiety, stress) to undesirable attitudes in my environment that simply cannot be avoided out of respect and love for the other person.  I realize that I control my thoughts, and thoughts control my emotions but some emotion just triggers faster than I can control.  This method appears to help after the emotions are triggered.  I’m interested in learning more and might explore the book.

I was still thinking about the past conversation and the feelings associated with that from many years ago in the past, and this method helped me to take my mind off and kind of like “changing the channel.”

It works magically!

I’m not sure if I’m even doing the technique correctly. The little video really helped because I’m more of a visual person. I don’t have access to the computer 24/7 but last night I tried it out from what I could remember. I went to sleep and slept ALL night (usually I get up at least three times during the night). I even woke up this morning feeling good. That, in itself, is amazing because I usually sleep until after noon. So I’m just gonna keep practicing what has been offered. Thank you SO much!!!

The tapping techniques do seem to help quite immediately…although I’ve only recently started utilizing them, I believe they are a big help and a simple way to naturally aid in “re-wiring” the human mind for the better. I’m glad I discovered the techniques, and thank you!

I have less stress. Each day I complete TFT techniques your guide taught and now my stress is gradually lowering little by little which means my Fibromyalgia symptoms are less too. Getting better daily! Thank you!

“Pleasant release of energies that have been causing me stress for quite a while.  I am doing the work on a daily basis and feel good about what I have seen so far. I have been using these techniques for less than 2 weeks.”

For almost 14 days I have not taken the 5mg blood pressure tablets.  Generally, I relax and take a reading on my blood pressure monitor.  When a more desirable reading is my goal, then I apply the TFT techniques before the next test.  I’m very excited with my results.  On 7/17/2001 I’ll visit my doctor and show her the results of my readings.  It will be interesting to hear her view on my status, especially since I am so against drug medication.

I had already been shown TFT by my therapist to help me ease stress, but mainly for each time I felt like a cigarette and The craving went away instantly.

I am in a CISM training and the facilitator gave your name to look TFT up.  We tried it and it worked for me for stress, and what I found interesting was that I didn’t crave a cigarette for 4 hrs, very amazing.

I have wanted to be a Healer for decades and you have provided the tools for me to do that.  I have implemented the techniques according to your book and found it so simple, easy to use and most of all, astounded by the results in such a short space of time, just mind blowing, it feels like some kind of trickery is going on.  I have used the techniques on myself and my family, and achieved 90% success rate.  Considering I am only just beginning to use and learn about these techniques, this is nothing less than incredible. I’m so excited by the results, I am signing up for the boot camp training here in Australia in June 2011, in addition when I can afford it, I will most definitely be doing the advanced training and my ultimate goal is to undertake the VT Training.  My passion is just sizzling with excitement.  Thank you Dr Callahan for providing the world with your knowledge and wisdom, we need more people like you on our troubled planet.  Many blessing to your and your team.

We’d like to hear your story.

Just download the free TFT Stress Guide by clicking here – and we’ll send you a follow-up in the next few days.

Let us know how TFT worked for you!

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