3 Weight Loss Secrets That May Surprise You!

weight loss through EFT

by Fränzi Ng, Ed.D., TFT-Dx, RCT • www.DrNg.net

I was sitting on the sofa with my 5-year old reading stories when he suddenly exclaimed in amazement: “Mommy, how do you do that?!” He was pointing at my tummy.

There it was, sticking out like a soccer ball, plump and solid.

Unfortunately, it was not due to another pregnancy or bad posture. No, my son simply pointed out the obvious: mommy had a gut.

For some reason, I was not able to reciprocate my son’s enthusiasm and admiration.

Instead, I felt embarrassed to see myself like that. However, I was not ready to do anything about it. Not yet.

The life-changing insight did not come until about a month later when my husband and I were sitting in an elegant Vancouver restaurant, enjoying a sumptuous lunch buffet. That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks – or a barrel of liposuction fat:

“I cannot go on living like this! I cannot go on pretending that every meal is an all-you-can-eat feast, and he or she who eats the most, wins. I don’t think this will be good for my waist line!”

What waist line?

It was on this late December morning that I found the resolve to change my ways with food. My desire to be slim, fit, and healthy was over 40 lbs. slowly and steadily. It is a personal transformation that changed my life in many wonderful and sometimes surprising ways.

Surprise #1: Being Under the Influence – of Toxins

The weight came off quite easily during the first couple of months. I exercised regularly, ate moderate portions, enjoyed more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, and an adequate amount of protein. But about 20 lbs. later, my steady weight loss started to level off and then stopped all together.

It was at that time that I became aware of Dr. Callahan’s work with the voltmeter. I got myself a digital multimeter at the local electronics store and started measuring the polarity on various areas of my body.

I was surprised and shocked by the negative readings I got, no matter where I applied the probes. While measurements in the positive range are desirable and are associated with health, my meter consistently revealed polarities in the -50 to -80 millivolt range.

“With Thought Field Therapy at my side, weight loss was easy. But I accomplished much more than just shedding 40 lbs and 10 dress sizes.”

I was blessed that Dr. Callahan offered to work with me with Voice Technology (VT). Within 40 minutes of VT, Dr. Callahan had identified a good number of Individual Energy Toxins (IETs) that were responsible for my alarmingly low voltmeter readings.

Wheat, corn, tomatoes, garlic, onions, milk, butter, brown rice, the laundry detergent, the toothpaste, and even many of my clothes turned out to be toxic to my energy system. I had been aware of these IETs for many years, but had not been ready to sacrifice many of my favourite foods or to change my lifestyle. Now I was.

The adjustment was much easier for me than it was for my family. I was determined to get better, to bring my voltmeter readings up, but my kids suddenly had to adjust to living with a mother who no longer ate many of the same foods. My husband lost his “food buddy,” who would join him for the occasional midnight snack and pulled her weight during the movie popcorn binges. This was a loss he grieved for many months.

Fortunately, my husband’s resentment of the changes in our family did not affect his willingness to support me in my daily, and at times, hourly toxin testing.

Luckily, I began to discover that most toxins could not sneak themselves into my life without making themselves noticed. Foods like garlic, dill, grapes, and certain cooking oils, for example, triggered an insatiable hunger.

Eventually, I recognized that I was “under the influence” of a toxin when, after eating a reasonable meal, I was hungrier than before. In fact, almost every night over dirty dishes, I found myself obsessing about what to eat next and how to sneak it without anyone noticing.

Once I became aware of this pattern, it was easy to identify the culprit, the substance that triggered the hunger and obsession, using Dr. Callahan’s Toxin Protocol. The next step was to treat the effect of the substance on my system with the Seven Second Treatment.

The hunger and the obsessions always disappeared within seconds, and peace of mind was re-established.

Thank goodness!

Another effect of toxins on my system is the sudden onset of physical pain. Certain cheeses, whipping cream, and cow’s milk triggered a distinct tummy and backache that made breathing hard. These same foods could also bring about a profound sense of sadness, depression, and hopelessness that would cause me to want to withdraw from life.

On other days, these same toxins could also turn me into an irritable and cranky complainer who was difficult to live with. It was a tremendous relief to realize that these changes in physical comfort and personality were not who I was; rather, they were who I turned into under the influence of one or several toxins. Before I knew the Seven Second Treatment, only time and sleep were able to relieve these symptoms.

Now, I can eliminate them in just seconds, thanks to Dr. Callahan’s revolutionary, life and relationship saving toxin protocols.

My overall health, however, did not change for the better quite so quickly. In fact, it took over six months before my voltmeter readings started to show consistent improvements.

Also, my Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which for over eight years consistently measured at a severely depressed SDNN of 30, did not begin to climb for a long time. But fortunately, after over 12 months of diligently adhering to my toxin-aware lifestyle, my voltmeter readings are now in the +80 to +120 millivolt range, and my HRV measures in the high 70s. A truly significant improvement!

Another pleasant side-effect from staying away from toxins is that my weight started to drop again – almost effortlessly.

Surprise #2: Recognizing the Wallpaper

When I avoided most toxins, food cravings disappeared all together. But there was another trap that continually undermined my weight loss efforts.

A force even more subtle than toxins, it turned out, were negative beliefs and fears I held about food. I came to call these limiting programs and assumptions “the wallpaper of my being.” I had very little awareness of the nature of that wallpaper, but nonetheless, it coloured my world in many significant ways.

To shed light on that wallpaper, to become aware of the negative programs and beliefs imprinted on it, I used time-tested strategies like journaling, talking to a friend, and quiet reflection. Thus, I realized, for example, that I could not discard any left over food. Instead, I felt compelled to finish not only what was in my plate, but also what was on my children’s plates – a perfect recipe for weight gain.

To get rid of this compulsion, I tapped a few simple TFT Algorithms for guilt, stress, and anxiety. Now, I still don’t like wasting food, but I also know that I am worth more than the garbage can, and that if I have enough to eat, I will not force myself to finish up.

I also became aware that I often ate large portions with haste and without much enjoyment. The fear that hid behind this behaviour was the trepidation that later in the day, no food would be available. Hence, I was better off to eat well now, or I would certainly get hungry soon.

I realized that my fear of experiencing hunger was rather overwhelming. Considering that I never experienced the lack of food in my life, I was surprised to find myself driven by this worry to such an extent.

Again, I tapped to eliminate the fear, the stress, and the anxiety.

I still remember working at my desk a few days later when I noticed an eerie sound. I realized that it was my stomach grumbling with hunger.

This was a sound and a sensation I had not heard or felt in a very long time. I loved it, and I was fascinated by it! I felt like a little child with a new toy trying to figure out how it works.

Probably for the first time since my childhood, I was able to feel hungry without fear. I was able to just be with the sensation and eventually quench it. This was truly liberating.

Another weight loss sabotaging behavior I recognized in myself was my habit of eating while preparing a meal.

I realized that the thought of cooking while hungry horrified and appalled me. Consequently, I would constantly graze while cooking and then sit at dinner satiated in the stomach, but without having met the superseding need to feel connected with others.

To meet that need for emotional closeness, I would eat another meal in the presence of my family, even though I was physically no longer hungry. As before, I applied TFT Algorithms to eliminate the compulsion to eat while cooking. I now know again what it is like to sit at the table, hungry and excited about eating the meal I prepared.

It was easy to eliminate these and many other negative and limiting beliefs, fears and programs with Thought Field Therapy. The only challenge was to recognize that these negative beliefs were not me, but that they were acquired, and as such, I no longer needed to hold on to them.

Thanks to TFT, I had the power, literally in my finger tips, to change them, and with that, my life.

Surprise #3: Reinventing Myself

Now that the old wallpaper was down, it was time to redecorate. I decided to acquire some new beliefs and assumptions that would be more beneficial than the old limiting programs.

I came up with statements that would be specifically helpful for weight loss, such as:

  • I enjoy eating small portions.
  • I enjoy leaving the table only ¾ full.
  • I enjoy feeling hungry.
  • I love feeling slim.
  • I enjoy working out.
  • I can lose this weight and keep it off.

I made these statements to myself and, using TFT Diagnostic procedures, tapped until there were no perturbations left. This way, I assured that my energy system was in complete harmony with these positive goals and affirmations. The path was cleared for continuing success.

With Thought Field Therapy at my side, weight loss was easy. But I accomplished much more than just shedding 40 lbs and 10 dress sizes. I am now healthier than I ever was before,
and I am more emotionally balanced.

Most importantly, however, I learned a tremendous amount about these pesky and fascinating Individual Energy Toxins. I am excited now to pass my knowledge and insights on to my TFT clients and trainees.

After months of transformation, I truly feel like a new person. Having struggled with weight all my life, I now feel young and alive, maybe for the first time ever.

I am learning that it is never too late to feel 20, even when the big 40 is fast approaching.

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