Assistance to the Kumamoto Earthquake


Dr. Niki Hearty, Hospital, President
Department of Psychiatry, Neurology, Psychosomatic Medicine (200 inpatients)

Apr. 14 9:26pm – Magnitude (M) 6.5 earthquake.  Everybody thought it was the main quake, but it was actually the foreshock. After the foreshock, nobody anticipated there would be another larger quake, but there was.

A day later, 1:25 AM of the 16th, the main quake, M 7.3 occurred.

Many houses and buildings collapsed.  Many people were frightened of having another big quake, so they slept in their cars. They experienced hopelessness after they cleaned up all the mess in their houses and then an even much worse quake came, creating more destruction. Read more

TFT Trauma Care – Partners Program – in Japanese University

Japanese Association of Thought Field Therapy (JATFT) has a program for trauma relief, the TFT Partners program is one-day workshop where the JATFT provides certification for volunteering human services. The program is based on the TFT Foundation’s Rwandan community treatment model and allows anybody who would like to help others to join the program. Read more

The Thought Field Newsletter

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Here’s the Latest Newsletter
“the thought field”…

Joanne-Callahan1Dear TFT Community,

I have just finished my first year in Virginia.  I love it and really am enjoying the change of seasons.  I am amazed and grateful at how successful our TFT retreats and trainings have been over this last year.  They have been life-transformative for many.  The beautiful Synchronicity Sanctuary adds depth and energy rarely found in any typical venue. 

This issue of the Thought Field recaps some of the exciting events from 2016 and our collaborations with other “tappers” around the world.  It also highlights the new workshops and events we have scheduled for next year. 

Based on recent research on how we can inherit PTSD, we have created a workshop to “Make Peace with Our Past”.   Rudolf and Mona Kaufmann will be joining me for this exciting new approach to healing our family tree.  They will also be joining me in February for a special workshop to help us live our relationships from a place of love.  This is possible whether the relationship be work, friends or family.

Another exciting event is our TFT VT Conference.  VT level practitioners from around the world will come together to network, share cases, launch research and test new protocols.  It is this advanced level of TFT where we initiate and test new things.  These leaders are who keep TFT a dynamic, evolving healing modality – ever growing and expanding.

We have packaged some our best selling items for the holidays.  One is an introductory package and makes a perfect gift to introduce family and friends to TFT and better health.  Then we have a training package that even provides one-on-one help. 

If you are thinking about upgrading your skills, then you will want to know about our new FAST TRACK to the ultimate level of TFT, Voice Technology.

thoughtfield2016-4Enjoy our latest issue:

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Happy Holidays,

Joanne Callahan, MBA
President, Callahan Techniques, Ltd.