Medical Missions for Haiti: URGENT Need For Volunteer Physician Staff at St. Joseph Hospital

URGENT Need For Volunteer Physician Staff at St. Joseph Hospital

Dear Members, Volunteers and Friends of A.H.D.H.,

Greetings to All From the Field

As you have no doubt heard in the news, Haiti is now dealing with an outbreak of cholera.

At St. Joseph Hospital in Ridore, La Vallee de Jacmel, we have admitted four patients with suspected cholera. All have come from outside of the La Vallee area, principally from Port au Prince, to be with family and seek help at St. Joseph Hospital.

Based on the experience in the rest of Haiti, we expect to see more cases in the next several weeks.

Just at this moment of crisis we will loose our young interns and nurses who have worked at the hospital this year fulfilling their public service commitment. Additionally, the volunteers of the 49th AHDH Mission have completed their work and returned home. In normal years this would not be a great problem while we wait for their replacements, but this year we fear will be exceptional.

Cholera patients arriving at the hospital are at great risk of death without a physician ready to apply aggressive rehydration and antibiotics and guide their care. The community at large is at risk as well for the spread of the disease if these patients go home without proper care.

So we are inviting all medical professionals to volunteer for a week or two at our hospital over the next several weeks. We will welcome all qualified volunteers. We will provide food, lodging and ground transportation during this period. If you have been considering a medical mission trip to Haiti, please consider doing so now. Your help is very much needed.

We are facing a crisis with staff here in La Vallee, as we still can’t afford a full time MD and RN. We just barely saved the 4th life, which makes me even wonder if I will have the courage (or lack of) to leave this place next weekend, as the potential for worsening is just frightening.

Share this message with your colleagues and see if any staffing or financial help is possible.

Please, let me know.

Charles Rene, MD, FACOG
Clinical Associate Professor of OB/Gyn
Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
Coordinator of Medical Missions for Haiti, AHDH
phone: 011-509-3-757-7264

Nicole Vincent Michael MD

Read more about the relief project here – to make a donation.

ATFT Trauma Mission to Haiti July 2010

Phyll and Howard Robson, UK

When we heard of the disastrous earthquake that struck Haiti on 12th January 2010, we immediately thought that TFT would have much to offer to the traumatized population, after the initial rescue and emergency interventions.

Haiti had already had a troubled history, being occupied by European colonists, the extinction of the native population, and replacement by African slaves, when plantations and logging provided great economic benefit for the colonists, but at a cost to later generations of Haitians, deforestation causing soil erosion and mud-slides. Despite achieving independence over 200 years ago, the country has been marred by violence, instability, poverty and corruption; there is a lack of infrastructure and susceptibility to hurricanes.

When the opportunity to visit Haiti came later in the year, on behalf of ATFTF, we were in a position to volunteer. We were to be part of a mission led by Dr Jean-Murat Carolle (Angels for Haiti), which was part of a larger medical mission led by Dr Charles René.

We immediately thereafter began collecting supplies for the visit, especially as part of the project was to enable the children to express themselves through art; this included pens, paints, brushes, books and paper, as well as some medical and dental supplies and toiletries. We were particularly grateful for the help of our dentist and family and friends.

We were also grateful for the provision of the TFT algorithm manual in French from Suzanne Connolly, which we modified slightly for the local requirements, and printed sufficient copies for our expected training sessions. We managed to obtain a reasonable rate from the airlines for our considerable luggage excess.

Essential to visiting a country such as Haiti is to understand the local culture, attend to personal safety and health (vaccinations and anti-malarial drugs). We attended to these issues as much as possible, to maximize our contribution to the mission and not be a burden. Read more

A Note from Carolle Jean-Murat, MD – TFT Haiti Relief Mission

Dear Joanne:

Once again, please receive my heartfelt thanks from me as well as those who were trained in the TFT techniques, those who have received and continue to receive such invaluable tool to help them mitigate their suffering following the earthquake.

I finally had a chance to post something on the Angels for Haiti blog. Here is the link Haiti Trip.

The ATFT Foundation (charitable arm of the Association for Thought Field Therapy) provided a generous grant and the gracious help of a husband and wife team Dr. Howard and Nurse Phyll Robson, both TFT trainers from England. We provided a 3-day training involving 30 Haitian teachers, nurses, community leaders, medical and nursing students, from as far as Port-au-Prince.

The training not only helped them personally but also gave them the opportunity to help relieve the trauma of as many earthquake survivors as possible. Even more importantly, trainees learned techniques on how to relieve pain, which would be beneficial in an area when medical personal and pain relief medications are scarcely available.

I have talked to some of the attendees in Haiti for these past few days. Here is what they had to say:

“In a culture where a mental illness is frowned upon, the TFT training gave us a new perspective on how we humans work. This tool is a lifetime gift. Many of us now see our fellow human being in a different light.”

“After taking the training, it has helped me improve my communication with those I serve.”

“After losing everything including my home, family members, and everything I worked for, participating in the TFT training gave me a new lease on life. I am now a healthy citizen who is using the tools I have learned to help those who were suffering just like me.”

“As a teacher, I use these techniques with my students; their attention span in the classroom has greatly improved.”

“It was such a great gift that we received from the Robsons – who taught from the heart”

Many community leaders also asked me to convey their heartfelt thank to the TFT team.

With love and gratitude,
Dr. Carolle
Carolle Jean-Murat, MD

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· “Life Transition Decisions with Clarity” Consultations (by Telephone & In Person)
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I’d Like To Share The Success Of Our TFT Tapping Tele-class Series

Nearly 80 people volunteered and were treated in our tapping tele-classes…

When I tabulated the demonstration results from our new TFT tele-class series I was amazed. The number of people and variety of problems we worked with and helped, in a brief period of time following each class, was truly a tribute to the healing power of TFT.

We offered a series of five tele-classes, beginning last January and ending in November. Over 1,000 people attended the classes. Each class had a 55-60 minute presentation on TFT and how to use it on yourself at the algorithm level. Then, we ended each call with live demonstrations with TFT Voice Technology (VT) from Dr. Callahan. This allowed participants to experience our most successful level of TFT, Voice Technology. The live demonstrations lasted 20-45 minutes with the average time per class about 30 minutes.

We had 79 volunteers for these demonstrations. Based on 300 minutes of total demonstration time and 79 volunteers, the average treatment time was a mere 3,797 minutes. This is just truly astounding.

During the classes, we worked on many types of problems. We eliminated fears for things like driving, freeways, flying, bridges, tunnels, public speaking and even death. We helped many get rid of cravings or addictive behaviors. Some eliminated a desire for alcohol, others cigarettes and food, and we helped still others stop biting their nails, pulling hair or picking.

Others learned how to easily and quickly control their anger or rage and improve their relationships. Read more