Using TFT To Overcome Trauma From Accidents

TFT For Trauma Relief:

Bruce Ramsay relates the story of treating a woman who saw her sister die in a car crash with Thought Field Therapy. She took a Thought Field Therapy course from Mr. Ramsay during which he treated her and she found the first relief she has felt in the years since the accident.

Bruce tells the story:

Some Tools For Optimal Health, Peace and Calm in Today’s Chaotic World

Roger Callahan In London with Abdul Hamid Al Firdaus

Abdul Hamid Al Firdaus and Dr. Callahan share a joyous moment at the Optimal Health course.

Dr. Callahan and I just returned from London where we shared a lovely TFT Optimal Health course with participants from 7 countries.

This course expands our health from emotional and physical levels into our spiritual realm, using TFT to improve our lives in all dimensions. We share with the participants, all the tools we have learned and personally use to achieve optimal health in our lives and the lives of our loved ones.Since this course has developed, I have received many letters and comments about the life-changing results our participants have achieved, whether physical, emotional or spiritual. Our first course produced a much wanted TFT VT baby. The second one had some amazing healings and one very touching spiritual awakening for a veteran.

One of the many things I introduce in the course is my meditation teacher and his work. His CD and his lovely book are a greta way to introduce the benefits of meditation with the class.

The first time I did this, a physician from the UK, wrote me the following:

“Thank you so much for giving us the “Awakening ” book and meditation CD . I thought it was brilliant and I listen to the CD everyday . It has helped me to be at peace more.

It is different from other meditation CDs I have heard in that it allows you to just focus and gain your own experience of the natural energy present .

This spiritual side is helpful in gaining the wider awareness that the same divine energy is present in everyone. This has to be a good thing as it allows love and harmony to be spread and unites all people. This leads to a higher consciousness and a more meaningful existence.

I really admire that you have the courage to share this with us and hope you continue to do so in other courses. It is most valuable.”

Then last week, I received the following:

“I read the book the awakening – it was just on the right day. it brought me back to a place that I thought that I will never be able to reach again.”

Because of comments and testimonials like these, I want to share this with all of our friends, customers and colleagues. Steven Sadleir, author of The Awakening, is offering free meditation calls on October 7 and 14, this month to introduce new people to meditation.

Click here  to sign up for this call.

His classes have brought a much needed peace and calm amidst the turbulence surrounding us all.

To learn more about our upcoming Optimal Health classes, you can also write

Overcome the fear of public speaking

public speaking overcoming the fear

If the thought of speaking to people in public OR even just speaking to people casually makes your heart race or worse…

Fills you with terror and dread… Our new tele-seminar is for you!

“Growing up, I was horribly afraid of my own shadow, strangers and public places. As a little child, I used to hide under my bed when company came and if we went out in public, I was stuck to my mom as a third leg. As I grew up It became my passion to educate people about my passion, the dangers of what toxins lurk in our homes and work places. There was just one little problem. I couldn’t get over my fear of speaking so I turned down many opportunities to speak. I called doctor Callahan and had a session to work on my fear of public speaking. After our short time together I knew that my life long crippling fear was a thing of the past and I was now set free to go out and pursue my passion of speaking to people about how to build healthier lives at home and their workplace. Thank you Dr. Callahan for teaching me TFT and allow a whole new world to open up to me.”

Chrissy Mayhew, Baltimore MD

When we say “fear of public speaking” what do we mean?

Whenever we say “fear of public speaking” we are talking about ALL types of speaking.

This could be speaking on stage in front of hundreds of people or just giving a small presentation at work to a small group. We are also referring to speaking socially. This could include talking to a group of people at church or at a local gathering – or it could simply mean talking one-on-one with your boss or better yet, that special person in your life.

If you experience any fear or anxiety in these types of situations your success both personally and professionally is being suffocated.

Imagine what your life could be like when you remove the stress that comes along with speaking publicly, privately and socially …speaking any time.

Have you tried all the methods and techniques that claim they can help you with your fear of public speaking?

…spending countless hours preparing for your speeches

…confronting your fear by speaking in public many times

…relaxation exercises, therapy, hypnosis or drugs

…Meditation, personal development books and DVD’s promising you can overcome these fears and live a more fulfilling life

Did any of these approaches really work for you?

Starting October 7th, Dr. Roger Callahan and Joanne Callahan will personally show you how to eliminate ANY fear of speaking you may have… and how you can do it often in just minutes… Guaranteed!

Unfortunately, the tele-class is limited to 26 students.. and it’s filling fast.

If you want to overcome the fear of public speaking, click here to get all the details.

The Living Matrix

The Living Matrix Movie

I just returned from a spectacular live screening of the Living Matrix Movie in Hollywood.

It was a sold out event, with over 600 people filling the Egyptian Theatre.

I found it very exciting to watch and listen to so many forward thinking minds on the new science of healing, and, see that TFT is recognized as part of that new science, and was included in the Living Matrix Movie.

The director and producer, Greg and Susan Becker, along with the Executive Producer, Harry Massey were all there and it was a pleasure to meet with them.

We also had the opportunity to speak with the panel and hear their views for the future of healing and science and hear some amazing stories.

Lynne McTaggert, Eric Pearl, Marilyn Schlitz, Peter Fraser, and Deborah Rozman, all participants in the Living Matrix film, were all present and spoke on the panel.

I had a wonderful conversation with Lynne and thanked her for her hearty endorsement of TFT and our Trauma Relief work.

If you don’t have a copy of the Living Matrix yet, be sure and get one. It is excellent, gives support for and of TFT along with many other cutting edge healing modalities.

Click this link to get your copy…

I believe the next screening will be in San Francisco. If you are in that area be sure and attend.