TFT Goes to Medical School, Universities, Psychiatric Associations and the Corporate World in Japan

AyameAyame Morikawa, PhD, TFT VT and president of the Japanese Association for Thought Field Therapy has made huge inroads into mainstream health care systems in Japan. She shares some of these accomplishments with us.

In Japan, TFT Algorithm and Diagnostic Level Trainings have been officially approved as continuing education credits for clinical psychologists.

We have opportunities to give presentations at the Family Therapy Society’s Conference as well as presentations at the Psychiatric Association’s and the Health Promotion Medical Society’s this year.

TFT was chosen as one of the most effective trauma treatments in the world, and I am going to give presentations at medical schools and dedicate an article on TFT for an academic trauma treatment publication.

I have been teaching TFT at a medical school, and we will put TFT into psychology classes at universities this year, so students can learn TFT at colleges and can be certified as TFT Partners, our new program for human services.

We would like to develop the same programs to other Asian countries.

I have been recently introduced as a human resource advisor to give training to young employees at a large architectural company.

I use TFT to make a dramatic decrease of depression cases and a high turnover. TFT enhanced the performance of employees and career development.

(Sorry, it is Japanese only.)

The Japanese Association for TFT is currently in the process of officially establishing a non-profit General Incorporated Associations that is like an NPO.

I would deeply appreciate your support, and I am proud of those who make continuous contributions for Rwandans and those who need help.

We gratefully acknowledge all of Ayame’s years of hard work and persistence in sharing TFT in the professional health care field.

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