Tapping for Optimal Health

What is Optimal Health—Really?

“According to the World Health Organization, health is defined as: “A state of optimal well-being, not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.” Wellness practitioners believe that optimal well-being requires a balance between wellness dimensions that comprise the whole person.”

Joanne CallahanWhen we began to consider offering TFT Voice Technology in and to groups, we needed to come up with a name for the new course. Roger wanted something that clearly stated the benefit of what attendees would be receiving—and Optimal Health was that benefit.

During his long years of discovering and developing TFT, Roger used the dictionary frequently as he strove to define and name what he was observing. I remember when he found the definition for “perturbation” and his excitement at how it fit the concept he was wanting to define. We shared that same excitement for Optimal Health as we developed that course.

Optimal<br />

The tools, application and understanding one gains in the Optimal Health course allows them to more fully achieve their optimum level of health in mind, body and spirit. It improves their quality of life. We have seen that happen time and time again for so many of our graduates.

The course is constantly growing and evolving, as each year we add new protocols, expand our applications and gain a greater level of understanding. While these words or descriptions are nice—I am so often asked, “Yes, but what does it really do?”, or “What will I really be able to do after taking the course?”.

I thought that perhaps the best way to answer that question is to share some of the experiences, both personally and with clients, which our practitioners have shared with me, and, to share some of the conversations that come up on our VT list serve community.

Almost all say that over time they have become more “in tune” with their bodies, they have “increased their level of intuitive ability”, they are “more sensitive”, they have “less toxic reactions”, they are able to “better control their response to their environment” — “better able to adapt or adjust”, they “experience less stress”, they “feel more joy”, etc.

Many have had life-changing events or experiences following their course — for example, Michelle being able to get pregnant and have a much wanted baby — now a beautiful little girl, or Rosanna having her beautiful little girl who is now 10 years old. Others have shared profound spiritual healing from PTSD or similar life positive shifts or improved health like Lois’s healing of life-long GERD. We have shared these over the years in our newsletters — too numerous to list here.

Why is this so? I believe there are several reasons. First, TFT is a very powerful tool, following the laws of nature — we find the roots in the ancient wisdom traditions, and can apply it daily, as life happens.

TFT evolved from a diagnostic process and observations based on the individual human being and their specific needs, not a theory, postulated by one individual and imposed on others.

As a tool, it allows one to “go within” for answers, and work along with natural laws. You are not dependent on another to fix you.

And, it evolves and expands as we evolve and expand our consciousness. As our needs as human beings change, so do the tools of TFT.

We now are a group of practitioners around the world with a diverse wealth of knowledge, sharing and expanding what we can do to help ourselves and others. We have become a community of physicians, psychologists, healers, acupuncturists, lawyers, clergy, mothers, spiritual teachers, native shamans, educators, and trainers, of many cultures and religions.

Our list serve, over recent months includes discussions on topics such as: phantom limb pain, bullying, anger, philosophical issues about eliminating negative emotions, toxicity of chemotherapy and radiation, Stage IV NHL, book recommendations, new possible algorithms for testing, voltmeter use, new psychological reversal applications, a toxic wall, extreme sensitivity and meditation — quite a variety of topics and information.

Below, I have pasted some bits and pieces of the conversations between these practitioners over just the last six months to give you an idea of the wealth and depth of knowledge in our community. These responses have come from near and far; Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Scotland, France, UK, KSA, Canada and the USA. They cover a wide range of fields of knowledge — what a resource we have to share.

Phantom Limb Pain:
“Super. Thank you both. It’s logical to think that TFT would greatly alleviate the brain signals of pain in the lost limb but it’s nice to hear that there is prior success with this also.”


Below, I have pasted some bits and pieces of the conversations between these practitioners over just the last six months to give you an idea of the wealth and depth of knowledge in our community. These responses have come from near and far; Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Scotland, France, UK, KSA, Canada and the USA. They cover a wide range of fields of knowledge — what a resource we have to share.

Phantom Limb Pain:
“Super. Thank you both. It’s logical to think that TFT would greatly alleviate the brain signals of pain in the lost limb but it’s nice to hear that there is prior success with this also.”

New Algorithms

Last fall I designed a sequence for abandonment. A few months later the client informed me that it worked remarkably well.

That said, I began using it with other clients and found the same high success rate. Joanne suggested that I post the sequence here for OH level people to try out.

I hope you have the same success as I have had.  Abandonment Algorithm to experiment with… Note: our practitioners are now testing this out before it is released to the greater TFT community.

“I like the suggestions you’re received. You might also consider meditating, if you don’t already. This will open you to, and strengthen your experience of, your more whole self. We are all one at a subtle level, sharing one life force. Negative emotions, our own and others’, are blockages of that life force. Meditation is an opportunity to experience pure life force without the blockages. Strengthening your own experience of this life force may help you be less vulnerable to others’ blockages.”

Anger and Book Recommendation
One of the problems with anger that lasts longer than is needed to get us moving in a healthy direction, is how it can create negative imprints in our mind. There’s an interesting book about the application of ancient Buddhist wisdom in contemporary business and personal life that goes into depth on this very topic. It’s called: “The Diamond Cutter” by Roach.

Philosophical Discussion
So interesting and enriching to read all your comments. I would only add one more thing to what has been said. If we have “something” (negative emotion, attitude, etc) that is playing an important role in the way we lead our lives (even if at the same time it harms us), I think that we need to build up a “new tool” to fill in that blank. By just “taking away” the neg emotion and not “filling it in” with new, more positive ways (and emotions) to deal with the issue, the person wants to go back to the “state” that allowed him/her at least deal with it. Better that than nothing. A Huge hug for everybody!

It seems to me that the “always” and “never” aspects of “right/wrong, good/bad”  that are so often inferred, are the ones to be considered, with the idea of there being a time and a place for every purpose under heaven, as another poet expressed it so aptly. Ideally, we would have the potential for all emotions (excluding psycho-pathological tendencies) and the ability to choose the context when and where such would be appropriate and the manner and degree to express them or not.

Thank you for your very interesting post. This raises a very interesting point—in that there may be such a thing as an appropriate negative emotion for a situation which perhaps should not be removed. As therapists  I think we sometimes become fixated on the notion that every single negative emotion in every person in the world must be removed because it is ‘bad.’ But there are certain instances where a negative emotion—especially anger—fulfills a role.

Chemotherapy and Radiation
“Thanks for your answer and the free download. My question is about the effect of tiredness from chemotherapy and radiotherapy on the body. A friend is in the 5th week of such treatment and we have used TFT for fear etc and the 7 second Rx with good effect. The tiredness is now overwhelming and TFT diagnosed sequence has no effect. We are using rescue remedy to help with the reversals any ideas? Can this be treated or is it just inevitable at this stage?”

Stage IV Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
I have a new challenge. My 84 year old Father, was recently diagnosed with stage IV, non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. He has been pressured by family members, to start chemotherapy next week. I have become proficient with the 7-second Toxin Treatment. I have no experience with chemotherapy. I know that they have him scheduled for 8 hours Tuesday and 2 hours the next day. If my father is unable to do the treatments himself, will it be as beneficial to him if I am the surrogate? How often do I repeat toxin treatment?

“Which is the best volt millimeter to get? I cannot locate the one from Radio shack?”

“Here is an interesting experience I had with the voltmeter: 3 of us were testing ourselves one day, all healthy and feeling good. For some reason only I had positive voltage; the other two tested negative all over their bodies. They tapped PRs, did CB2, Dx tmt and nothing put them into positive range.

Finally we decided to pray. We held hands and said a prayer together. Afterwards all 3 of us were positive. It was remarkable.

Radio Shack still makes the right volt meter but changed the product number. If you need the right number to order it I can get that for you.”

New Psychological Reversal
“I just want to share that I have been testing the new level of reversal since a few months ago and until last week I had never got anyone with that reversal, but last week I got the first case of mine that the SUD for my client issue went down from a 10 to a 4 and won´t go less then that and he didn´t have any of the first three levels of reversal and when he said ” I am over it” it showed the need for correction. So I asked him to correct it and repeat the majors we had diagnosed and then finally the SUDs went down to 0.”

Toxic Wall
Hello Optimal Health,
I have a quick question; in my bedroom I have a painted wall that is very toxic. This wall is constantly reversing me and the worse thing is that, this is the wall that my bed is pushed up against. Unfortunately that is the only wall that I can have my bed pushed against. I painted this wall about 6 months ago with some old paint (I’m not sure if that could be the reason why its toxic) and I lay my pillows against the wall and the paint is coming off on the pillows even though it is dried. I have washed this wall with water and a rag and it is still toxic and sticking to my pillows. Hopefully someone here knows a solution, can I paint over it with non toxic paint, or do I have to get rid of the paint completely??? I am unsure what to do any advice would help.
Thank you

New Application
“I have discovered a way for clearing IET. I and a few others are testing it. If you would give it a try I can send you the protocol for clearing it. The protocol seems especially interesting for those recurring IET’s. Would you give it a try?”

As you can see, we have a loving and sharing group of top level practitioners at this level of TFT.


We have been slowly adding information about meditation and a holistic model of reality in our Optimal Health courses.  We are planning and working on a next level TFT course that will address this and other spiritual topics in an advanced class.

In May, in the Paris Optimal Health, I will be sharing several new things for our OH people to test, along with more information on meditation, technology, and a holistic model of reality and the balancing or alignment of multiple dimensions.  I will be showing how we (TFT) fit into this model, from Ancient Wisdom traditions to today and how we can use TFT to help evolve our consciousness and further improve our quality of life.

The Paris class was sold out early, however we have been able to secure a larger room for our group so I can now say we have a few spaces available.

Not only will we be stepping into new areas of application and testing new measurement systems but we will be privileged to have a our Ugandan trauma relief team from the TFT Foundation UK sharing their results from January’s visit, and how they see we can proceed to reach the most people with TFT in Uganda and other traumatized regions.


As we enter new areas of treatment and application with TFT, we will need new tools for measurement.  I will be bringing with me, to begin testing, a new brain wave measurement tool. I will also share another tool that we will soon be testing and doing research on.  These tools are exciting as they measure brainwaves, HRV, galvanic skin response, HR, ANS balance, AND, are considerably less expensive than currently available measures.

This is going to be a very exciting class with many new things to learn and experience.  If you wish to join us CLICK HERE, or let Chris know, Chris@TFTRX.com.

I would love to see some of you join us in Paris, Calgary, Sao Paolo, or Baltimore.


Our Quality of Life—
A Heart Warming Example of How TFT Can Help

by Jacqueline Smillie, TFT Adv.

Recurrent Neuroblastoma, TFT works hand-in-hand with all other modalities

Two years ago I had a Voice Technology session with a 7-year old girl, Paris. Her “recurrent neuroblastoma” was in remission again following another course of chemotherapy and radiation. She started this treatment when it was first diagnosed, at 3-years old. In our VT phone session she wanted to work with her level 10 fear of heaven. She was afraid to go to heaven because it was too far away from her family. We quickly collapsed the fear and off she ran to play.

Last year her cancer returned, this time stage 4 and spread throughout her bones, nerves, lymph and body. She was placed on hospice care and treated for level 10 pain with IV Dilaudid and Morphine. I went to visit her after 22 hours for her pain had not dropped. We worked through her mother as surrogate. So strong was Paris’ PR that it required 45 minutes to correct. As soon as the PR was corrected, Paris smiled and reported that her pain had dropped to 3. We quickly dropped the pain to 1 and she got up and walked the hospital floor. As Roger Callahan stated, “If you are reversed, no form treatment will work.” Correcting the PRs allowed her pain medication to take effect.

Over the next 6 months of in-home hospice care the cancer would flare up causing extreme 10+ pain. Her eyes would bulge, the pain traveled to her arms, legs, sides, back and neck. Paris’s family used many modalities to help their daughter, IV Vitamin C, vitamins and amino acids, laser and infrared, prayer and TFT. Pain meds alone weren’t nearly as effective as using meds and TFT. Her parents became expert in treating the locations for PR and then treating the pain with TFT.

The hospice nurses had prepared the family for a tragic end of life. A neuropblastoma patient is expected to lapse into a coma for the last days/weeks. Fortunately, by adding so many supportive modalities, Paris never lapsed into a coma. Instead she was able to share her transition from physical form to spirit. She said, “I’m seeing a light. It’s beautiful…Sometimes I think they’re coming. I feel my wings starting to grow.”

On the last day of her life she asked all of her family to join her in her room. She was able to tell everyone how much she loved them. She passed peacefully, smiling. TFT added quality of life to each family member and to Paris. The family is deeply grateful for TFT and gave me full permission to use her real name.


How Can I Attend Optimal Health?
Boot Camp is a pre-requisite for the Optimal Health class, however, for those who do not have a Boot Camp in their area, they can complete our self-study Boot Camp in order to qualify for the Optimal Health class:

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