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Overcome Sense of Being “Stuck” – Learn to Live Life “Full-Throttle”

“I accidentally removed my hand from the motorcycle throttle while in first gear. The next instant I was slammed onto the garage floor, the air knocked out of me, with a 500-pound motorcycle covering my body…

The owner anxiously asked, ‘Are you still going to buy it?’ I jumped up, dusted off my jeans and responded, ‘Absolutely!’ ”

This dramatic story of a sudden and spontaneous motorcycle purchase opens “Repotting Yourself, Financial-Emotional-Spiritual Flow”, the second and newest book by award-winning sales professional Mary Lou Dobbs.

The motorcycle incident is the catalyst for the 60-year-old Dobbs’s journey of profound personal transformation. Despite all of her substantial professional achievements and financial security, she realizes she is actually living a self-imposed “root-bound” life dedicated to staying small and fitting in.

When she learns to embrace change, rewrite her life story, release fears, be conscious of her intentions, words and actions and activate her “fun meter,” she moves in a direction of flow and ease and begins to live life “full-throttle.” Her business thrives in this prolonged recession, even while she writes “Repotting Yourself” full time, and she attracts an editor and publisher for the book with minimal effort.

In turbulent times, when so many are working harder and longer – with a sense of being frustrated and “stuck” – Dobbs’s story inspires readers to discover how they can transform their own lives.

Mary Lou Dobbs has always been a high achiever and Number One in her chosen field of insurance sales. At Lincoln National Life, she became the only woman in the company’s 75-year history to win a national sales contest. During her eight-year tenure with Wells Fargo, the fourth largest bank and financial institution in the United States, Dobbs functioned as a master coach, working with bank presidents and managers to embrace change and then coach and mentor their own employees. When she assumed the position of senior vice president of the company’s new Insurance Department, she became the top national salesperson six consecutive years in a row.

The innovations she introduced to transform what she calls “a stodgy bank culture” included building and reinforcing employee self-esteem through coaching sessions, goal setting, praise and power phrases — which successfully transitioned bankers into a dynamic sales culture.

Before writing “Repotting Yourself…” this outstanding professional, keynote speaker, coach, seminar leader and owner of the Albuquerque, NM-based firm, Executive Benefit Strategies penned “The Cinderella Salesman” (Farnsworth: Rockville Centre, NY, 1982).  Endorsed by Og Mandino, and with a forward by the then president of Lincoln Financial, Ean M. Rowland, it was a pioneering guide to building a career in sales.

Stress; Stress level: high stress

A Daily Stress Busting Program To Help You Quit The Coffee Habit, Create Calm, and Reduce Your Blood Pressure.

If you haven’t downloaded your copy of the free Daily Stress Busting Program, isn’t it time to do so?

We just received another thank-you note from one of our customers. She just began using the Stress Busting Program and is already seeing results on herself and her family.

Betty reports, “After using both the Trauma and Stress Busting downloads I immediately read and used them on myself practicing so I could use them on my Mother and a friend in Calif. who just lost her job. Just practicing the tapping sequence on myself and not really tuning in to a specific problem but more the sequence I was able to quit my coffee habit that I have been trying to quit for 4 months now.”

She also reported benefits for her mother, “I feel real calm just using the Collarbone Breathing with my Mom but I get the benefits as well. We are working on a physical problem of 2 leaking mitral valves so I did the Trauma recipes and the Stress recipes on her it seems to help her blood pressure.”

Remember how important it is to eliminate stress. Our health depends on it. Look at what some of the leading health care authorities say about stress:

• CDC – stress is cause of 90% of all illnesses
• Stanford Medical School – 95% of all illness is stress related
• Mayo Clinic – just watching 10” minutes of today’s news disrupts many body systems
• Cleveland Clinic – chronic stress leads to many diseases
• Harvard School of Medicine – illness is the tip of the iceberg, stress mars joy from life and loved ones

Obviously, we are not the only ones noticing this and the devastating effect it is having on our well-being. I was on another call last night about health care issues and they were stating many of the same facts and data.

The doctor leading the call also focused on stress as the major cause of illness, relationship problems, and, financial security.

He went on to say that stress causes five things:

  • Poor health
  • Fatigue/tiredness
  • Dumbs us down – pulls blood flow from higher brain functions
  • Causes pessimism and negativism
  • Causes failure – due to 1-4

We all want to feel good, have lots of energy, be alert and on top of our game, positive and upbeat and succeed in all we do. TFT can be a tool to address all these areas. Click here to go and get your free Daily Stress Busting Program now.

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