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TFT in Brazil

The need for simple, effective self-help ways to heal is growing every day. Disasters, wars, uprisings, and turbulent economies around the world all contribute to our levels of anxiety, stress and poor health. TFT, the original source of tapping, continues to meet the healing needs of many people, through our expanding trainings, self-help products and humanitarian relief.

A clear example of this need was seen in Cairo, Egypt in the last few months. The chair and secretary of our UK ATFT Foundation, Dr. Howard Robson and his wife Phyll were in Cairo as Dr. Robson was doing some consulting work for the Royal College. Phyll told me she was using TFT daily as they heard gun shots and witnessed the horrors of the events unfolding outside their hotel room. We are so glad they have now returned home to the UK safely. They will be leading our TFT Foundations’ trauma relief mission to Uganda later this year.

We are very excited as we provide TFT to more people, in additional languages and countries in 2012. Early this year we launched our Spanish web site. And now, our TFT Boot Camp Self-Study package is being translated into Spanish and will be available by the end of March.

We are cooperating with local, established organizations in other countries to make TFT available to their countries.

As we expand TFT in the Spanish language, Fr. Luis Jorge Gonzalez will be giving the first TFT Boot Camp in Mexico City in June. TFT can be a wonderful tool for the people of Mexico to help with the trauma and fear from the widespread violence that is occurring.

This summer we will be expanding further into Canada, working with our one of our new Boot Camp trainers, John Steuernol, to provide TFT in the greater Toronto area. Dr. Bob Bray will be working with him to offer an algorithm level training, and then we will provide a Boot Camp and Optimal Health training for those wanting to learn Voice Technology.

Then, we are off to Sao Paolo, Brazil. We are working with an excited TFT practitioner and local institutions to bring a TFT Boot Camp and an Optimal Health training to Brazil. It will be our first time to visit this country and we are delighted for the opportunity…

On the home front, please join us, and many other TFT practitioners, at the annual ACEP conference this June in San Diego, CA. I will be speaking, and we will have many family members, grandchildren and one beautiful great-grandchild sharing the beautiful weather with us. Click here to take register.

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TFT Sucess Stories by Bruce Ramsey, CTS,TFT DX

I have been promising you for too long that I would share some of the success stories in my use of TFT.

Let me begin with how I got to learning TFT.

I am a retired fire fighter and suffered some major traumas in my career including a fire that occurred in a previous place of employment. I attended as a fire fighter and was witness to fire deaths of nine of my friends. As a result of that I became interested in Critical Incident Stress Management.

I began teaching that and over a period of about five years became an authorized trauma trainer and a Certified Traumatologist from Florida State University. I was asked in the mid 90’s if I thought that the training was applicable for fire fighters in a unique cultural setting- that being First Nations’ communities in Canada. Of course in the USA the terminology would be native American or Indian.

I began teaching CISM for these small and often remote communities. What I learned very quickly was that all the trauma of our society happens in small communities too-car accidents, sudden death, drowning etc. The greatest difference is that most of the communities I traveled to had a severe shortage of psychological support.

In addition, as a result of acculturation, there is also a restricted level of traditional and ritual healing.

The levels of trauma are severe to say the least. I found that the CISM training was most useful but the problem was that as we taught, individuals would be triggered to past experience and become most distressed. Some were overwhelmed, abreactive in fact.

As an ethical person I found it unacceptable to go in to a community, teach, trigger trauma and then have nothing to assist in returning someone to their previous level of functioning or better. I decided to quit teaching the CISM in native communities.

Then, serendipity.

I was in San Diego at a trauma conference and by chance sat next to Dr. Bob Bray. He asked me what I did and I told him the above story. He said why don’t you do TFT? I did not know of it so he explained. He convinced me to attend training he was doing in Montreal. I went and learned the Algorithm Level and of course was astounded. I now had a tool that I could use to help people through.

Subsequently, Dr. Callahan convinced me to take the Dx training as he said the native community also needs someone to teach TFT to them to have as a new tool in their toolboxes.

I have been using TFT regularly since. I have seen and experienced some of the most amazing results. I have hundreds of stories.

I will give you just a couple.


As a crisis responder, I was asked to put together a team to assist a remote village with a horrible loss. Two young men had gone out in the winter and gotten lost. The community organized a search and spent days combing the territory looking for the two teens. Unfortunately without success. In fact to this date they have not found any trace of the two children. The community of four hundred was devastated. Read more