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Dr. Roger Callahan joined the ATFT Foundation at their first strategic planning retreat last weekend in Sedona, AZ.

ATFT Foundation Board Member Meeting

All but one of the foundation’s dedicated board members came together for this meeting. They paid their own expenses to travel to Sedona for a weekend of brainstorming and planning, led by board member Bruce Paton, a retired PepsiCo executive, who has led many similar strategic planning sessions in the past.

Mary Cowley, Suzanne Connolly, Jenny Edwards, Joanne Callahan and Darla Terry-Ausmann were all present as Bruce led us thru our planning sessions. Sunday morning we had the pleasure of Roger Callahan, Jim Cowley and Dariah Morgan joining us as we shared our goals and plans for the future. We appreciated their various perspectives as we fine tuned our vision for ATFT Foundation’s future.

It was an exciting experience, sharing ideas, energy and a common goal of spreading TFT throughout the world with research, education and humanitarian work. I was amazed at the synergistic effect of all of us getting together in the same place.

Suzanne and Bruce Connolly graciously hosted the event in Suzanne’s office – and just two days after arriving home from a month in Rwanda. That, in itself was unbelievable. It was a delight to hear the stories from Suzanne’s trip

Bruce Paton was a skilled facilitator and leader throughout the entire weekend. He even provided all of us with a summary by Sunday evening, while still traveling, from a restaurant in Flagstaff. I will share some of his notes and summary.

“Our objectives were twofold…get to know one another better (teambuilding) and to create a strategic plan (increase foundation effectiveness).”

We defined strategy as “a series of integrated initiatives designed to produce desired results“. We defined plan as “a predetermined path from which to knowingly deviate“. Read more

tft-fear Meridian Tapping

TFT-dx, TFT-Adv

I returned home on the afternoon of Thursday, September 24 and was greeted by the familiar red flash of my voice mail recorder.

“This is Jane Blume, Dariah… I did it, Dariah, I went over the edge! It was a struggle, a real struggle, because I had to press the guide rope with my nondominant hand, but I did it! I actually stepped off a 16 story building and rappelled down the side!”

Jane is a KUNM radio programmer in Albuquerque, NM whom my husband, Bruce, and I met during a TFT workshop that we did in Albuquerque in August. She is 66 years young, a recent grandmother, owner of Desert Sky Communications and became a widow two years ago after 44 years of marriage. “Well, do I curl up in a corner in a fetal position, or do I go out and embrace life?”, she asked herself at that time.

Rappelling down the side of a 230 foot building in downtown Albuquerque to raise money for Special Olympics New Mexico looked like embracing life to Jane, so she became the first media personality to sign up for the challenge, entitled “Over the Edge”.

Shortly after making her commitment, she called me for some TFT assistance. After two brief phone consultations, Jane was ready for the big day.

One of only two women to rappel, she had this to say at the end of her phone message….

”I have been featured on the news here…my picture (there were actually two) will be on the front page of the metro section of the Albuquerque Journal, people felt inspired, I feel inspired! I used the TFT techniques you taught me for an hour before stepping off the building! I am grateful for your help! You helped me with my intention to live fearlessly! I could not have done this without you! Thank you!”

There is a popular inspirational plaque that asks, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” Perhaps it should read, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could conquer your fears and accomplish things no one, including yourself, ever thought possible?”

TFT opens the door of living fearlessly to all of us!

Dr. Dariah Morgan discusses how Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is used to ease trauma and anxiety, and she details how it has been used in extreme cases.

Dr. Dariah Morgan has been personally trained and certified by Dr. Callahan.  Dr. Morgan earned an EdD from Texas A & M in Commerce (formerly East Texas State) and has conducted successful therapy practices in both Dallas and Rockwall for many years.  She is also an accomplished public speaker, seminar leader and Tibeten Yoga instructor.

For more information, visit our TFT Trauma Relief blog, or get the book here