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I am a 75 year old Catholic nun and I have a heart problem, atrial fibrillation, and hypertension and fast heart rate and a stroke. I could not walk without a walker or a cane and I am always tired and have no energy. I have no quality of life and I frequently get depressed that I cannot do anything. My doctor told me that I am a challenge to medicine. I have tried all kinds of medications for my problems but I could not tolerate most. I am just getting weaker and weaker.

My doctor called my attention to the book “Tapping the Healer Within.” by Dr. Roger Callahan. I went to buy it and starting reading. When I finished I felt that this is something that could help my problems. I called the TFT office and inquired more about Dr. Callahan. I was told that Dr. and Mrs. Callahan were in London. The secretary e-mailed Mrs. Callahan about my problems. I was touched by Mrs. Callahan’s response from London telling me to call her on her return from Europe. I had the privilege to talk to her and she said she would try to find someone nearby that could assist me.

I called her back to see if she found someone and she highly recommended Mrs. Christina Mayhew Dx, an advance coach of TFT. I connected with Christina and without delay she sent me the Thought Field Therapy Client Intake Sheet.

On June 15 she went through the lists to check my sensitivities to all the items going in and on my body, food, laundry detergent and other things. I followed her instructions religiously. She guided me on the treatment for toxin the next day. Then to my surprise, after two days I was able to walk slowly to receive Holy Communion without any help, which I could not do before. So I am very grateful to TFT.

Every two weeks, I have my blood test for Coumadin. I would bleed after the removal of the needle for several minutes. This time there was no prolonged bleeding and they were surprised. My blood pressure and pulse rate are also normal now.

My coach has more work to do with me checking the toxin. She is very good and I am very grateful for the present improvements. For me personally, I strongly feel that TFT is the answer to my challenges in my present condition. As I said we still have more to do but I am very optimistic that TFT will restore my quality of life in the near future.

So I want to thank Dr. & Mrs. Callahan for providing us a wonderful and effective harmless tool for a better life. May God bless them and my coach, Christina Mayhew for this wonderful God given gifts.

With grateful love and prayers,
Sr. Mercy, O.C.D.