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We all have an excellent opportunity to grow, learn, and evolve in these challenging times.  People are spending a lot more time in front of their screens. But is it productive time?  Once they’re done binging on Netflix and what is in their refrigerator, what happens next?  Is procrastination getting in the way of your success?

Right now many of us have the perfect opportunity to learn that new skill, start a new hobby, plan our own business, become that creative artist we always knew was within us.

But, we are in a pandemic and a lot of people are trapped within the negative energy of fear, trauma, anger, frustration – they are suffering in many different ways.

TFT has an exceptional set of tools that we can use to help us move forward in a positive manner and even thrive under the current limitations.

I created three YouTube videos with free tapping sequences to release the trapped negative emotions and support our immune health.  You can see them here.

This weekend I will be leading a live, interactive webinar on how to deal with the traumatic aspects of our current world situation.  You can join me here.

Below I am sharing a simple case study from one of our new algorithm level practitioners about how she helped her friend eliminate her procrastination and become the painter she really was.  She shares the common tapping sequences, algorithms, she used.

Case Study:

Female Aged 47 years: Procrastination getting in the way of success.

My second case study involved a friend who had talked about how frustrated she was with herself for procrastinating. She is a painter on top of her day job and often takes on commissions for people.

Recently my friend was feeling like she wasn’t finishing any of her paintings, and sometimes she would do anything to avoid painting. She felt frustrated, and this was beginning to get her down because she kept putting off painting, something she previously loved doing.

I began by asking my friend to describe what happens when she decides to paint, she explained that she would find other things to do and avoid painting. She described feeling shame and guilt, and this was making her feel low. I asked her how this felt in her body when she thought about this, and she described having a ‘fuzzy head’ and ‘a sickness feeling in her stomach’.

I suggested we begin getting rid of all the blocks to her getting her painting done. I started by asking her if she could visualize herself getting her paintings finished, which she could so I felt confident this would help. I asked my friend to visualize herself successfully painting while imagining removing all the blocks to this. We then tapped the 5 PRS : Side of hand, under nose, under chin, middle finger, outside eye. Partway through the tapping I asked her to focus on the affirmation ‘I am successfully finishing my paintings’.

I then chose the following algorithm of procrastination and also included shame and guilt, as she had talked about these two feelings when she thought of how procrastinating made her feel. I asked my friend to focus on her reluctance to finish her paintings and hold this in mind while we tapped. I asked her to provide a SUD score based on how she felt now when she thought of procrastinating. She gave me a score of 9. We then tapped the following:

e , a , c, + ch + if , c 9G       e , a , c, + ch + if , c

I asked my friend how she felt after this, she still felt the frustration of procrastination but less so, she gave me the SUD score of 5. I then decided to do the first PR (tapping the side of the hand for 20 seconds) we then repeated the algorithm above, and I reminded her to focus on the reluctant feeling to finish her paintings.

I again asked her to rate the feeling and describe how she felt in her body. She felt much more relaxed, and her stomach felt settled and her head less fuzzy. She gave me a SUD of 2. I thought about stopping at this point since we had brought the score down significantly, however, I felt it would be worth trying the next psychological reversal to see if we could lower her score more and rid of her all the fuzziness in her head, we therefore tapped collarbone breathing, and repeated the above algorithm again.

After this I asked again how she felt, this time she couldn’t give me a score as she felt relaxed in her body and thoughts, and positive about painting again. We therefore finished with the Floor to Ceiling eye roll. During this she repeated an affirmation about finishing her paintings successfully.

I suggested my friend continue with the 5PRs at home a few times a day, focusing on letting go of all blocks to painting and using a positive affirmation of successfully finishing her paintings. I also suggested she use the above algorithm to practice at home regularly or when she felt she was beginning to procrastinate.

The next day my friend emailed me a painting she had finished. She had practiced both tapping practices in the morning, and then gone on to finish one of her paintings later in the day. She said she felt focussed again and was determined to give herself the space to paint and would carry on using the tapping to help her move forwards with her painting.