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Lil' Heart Just For You
by Nora J. Baladerian, Ph.D.

This letter was written to me one week after I did a pain treatment for a friend. This treatment arose from a casual conversation. I have known this person for about one year, and we are likely to be lifelong friends, as our commitment to helping individuals with disabilities who have become victims of crime unites us. As you will read, her exposure to TFT was completely unexpected, and she had a profound and life-changing experience.

After reading her words, I’ll tell you more of what happened… “Dr. Nora”

A Letter from My Heart…October 8, 2009

Hello!  For those who know me well, you know something about the pain I have had over the past ten years. Those who know me really well know I am not an overly emotional type of person. I tend to keep my emotions to myself. But, as I relate this story I have tears of joy running down my cheeks.

For those who do not know me, I am a Forensic Nurse. I have worked over 20 years in the field of nursing, and am extremely interested in the medical world…thus, I am continually working to learn more to hone my skills and add certifications to my credentials.


I am a person who has lived with moderate to severe chronic pain for what will be 10 years this November 13. On that date in 1998 I was studying for the required ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) in our hospital in-service area, while working as a recovery room/short stay nurse. After about an hour of studying “rhythm strips” and identifying the condition, I stretched my arms up into the air, and as the chair I sat in (a four wheeled steno-chair) flipped backwards, instinctively I put my right arm out to brace my fall.

My right shoulder dislocated, and then snapped back into place causing an immediate sensation of electrical “nerve like” pain, a feeling that made my hand feel fat and my entire arm, from the brachial plexus to the elbow and then ending into the palm of my right hand, hum. The electrical “zinging” down my arm was present and never went away. I also felt a sensation like my arm was falling out of its socket.

It is now, after two surgeries, 9 years of physical therapy, a trip to see a brachial plexus expert at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, 8 years of acupuncture, 9 years of Pilates, 7 years of massage and an on-going home pain management with Oxycontin, Vicodin, Flexeril, and other modalities such as Tea Tree Pain Gel, ice, heat and more massage that I am writing to you. Read more