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– by Barbara Huston

Things have taken a turn here on our horse farm located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in north Georgia. We have always been a magnet for animals that were lost and needed help, but it seems that more and more we are attracting people who are lost and needing help in another way.

horseIronically, it is the very animals that we have taken in and provided hope, health and a home for that are now giving back to troubled and confused children and “bucket list” adults wanting one more chance to do something they have always dreamed of doing.

The atmosphere here is peaceful and harmonious. Even the stray dogs and abused horses innately know there is an unwritten rule that if you want to stay, you have to get along and put their differences aside. That essence seems to have a very positive effect on our visitors and students.

This summer our horse riding camps held more than the average amount of children that grandparents or guardians were desperately seeking a refuge for to help erase or ease troubles and traumatic experiences from their young minds. The trend appears to be growing and we are making an impact, albeit a seemingly small one.

I have seriously been giving some thought to how I can help in a larger way. Horses and dogs have proven over and over again to have special therapeutic healing powers and I can say from experience that when I am with them, the rest of the world goes away during that time.

healing horses

Coupled with some direction using trauma relief tapping, I know I can help make that other stuff fade into the background and there will be relief and even joy where there was none. Repeated sessions bring those feelings back into the normal range of everyday life, not the exception.

Our camps are for troubled children who need to be reminded that the world can really be a wonderful place. Our next camp begins the week of July 16’th.  For more information please contact:  barbarahutson@windstream.net

Barbara Hutson owner/operator of Stillwater Farms in Dawsonville, GA 30534