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Nearly 80 people volunteered and were treated in our tapping tele-classes…

When I tabulated the demonstration results from our new TFT tele-class series I was amazed. The number of people and variety of problems we worked with and helped, in a brief period of time following each class, was truly a tribute to the healing power of TFT.

We offered a series of five tele-classes, beginning last January and ending in November. Over 1,000 people attended the classes. Each class had a 55-60 minute presentation on TFT and how to use it on yourself at the algorithm level. Then, we ended each call with live demonstrations with TFT Voice Technology (VT) from Dr. Callahan. This allowed participants to experience our most successful level of TFT, Voice Technology. The live demonstrations lasted 20-45 minutes with the average time per class about 30 minutes.

We had 79 volunteers for these demonstrations. Based on 300 minutes of total demonstration time and 79 volunteers, the average treatment time was a mere 3,797 minutes. This is just truly astounding.

During the classes, we worked on many types of problems. We eliminated fears for things like driving, freeways, flying, bridges, tunnels, public speaking and even death. We helped many get rid of cravings or addictive behaviors. Some eliminated a desire for alcohol, others cigarettes and food, and we helped still others stop biting their nails, pulling hair or picking.

Others learned how to easily and quickly control their anger or rage and improve their relationships. Read more

TFT For Trauma Relief:

Bruce Ramsay relates the story of treating a woman who saw her sister die in a car crash with Thought Field Therapy. She took a Thought Field Therapy course from Mr. Ramsay during which he treated her and she found the first relief she has felt in the years since the accident.

Bruce tells the story: