Life-Changing – Transformational – Empowering

These are some of the words former attendees used to describe their training in TFT Voice Technology in the Optimal Health course.


Why is this course different, not only from other TFT courses, but from all other types of training programs?

For a start:

  • We use and teach the newest protocols in TFT, including those currently being tested (why many attendees return again and again)
  • State of the art technology-enhanced healing meditation with known telomere frequencies
  • Learn a proven path to developing an “Awakened Mind” brain profile – performing in the zone
  • Newly researched focus and intention group work
  • Simplify the beginning and intermediate, algorithm and diagnostic, levels in one highly effective and efficient process

And, all of these things are done with a focus on you and your needs, whether personal or professional. You are the demonstration, model, practitioner and client in this intensive, hands-on program.


Because you are the focus, here are just a few examples to give you an idea of the types of transformational healing and life-changing results we are seeing from every class:

  • Relieve infertility including bad chromosomes in the eggs or motility of sperm
  • Help put into remission and maintain autoimmune conditions such as Lupus
  • Improve and regenerate loss of function due to MS
  • Spiritual shifts from severe PTSD
  • Launch healing from endometriosis, nesioblastosis, blepharospasm, and other incurable conditions
  • Facilitate a return to health from Stage IV cancer
  • Neutralize the side-effects of necessary medications
  • Relieve anxiety, panic and depression
  • Understanding of and control over severe obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Learn how to test and know what is truly in your highest and best good – simplify your life decisions

One of the vital things we learn is how to optimize our lifestyle, within our current environment. By doing this we can begin living in peace and happiness with a more balanced life. We become empowered to identify and eliminate the blocks to our greatest self.

Because these are small, boutique-style events, we have the time to customize each one to meet the needs of the attendees while at the same time deliver the advanced protocols. Each class has a few long-time TFT practitioners that are returning to update their skills with the new protocols and practices. They bring invaluable learning for those attending for the first time. Our next class is even more unique as it is being held in our new location, Costa Rica, in an amazing healing and energetic environment. For the first time, the course fee includes accommodations for new attendees and we have just two spots left for this special arrangement.

If this sounds like something where you could begin changing your life, but haven’t yet completed the beginning and intermediate levels of TFT, write me: . There is still time to work something out.

The date is fast approaching, Sept. 7-9, 2019 Costa Rica, so act now. Click here for full details:


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