Integrating TFT Into My Energy Healing Practice

I entered the field of energy medicine in 1999 after witnessing the miraculous results and benefits of advanced biofeedback technology through the application of Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS).

In 2005 I moved away from herbs and homeopathic remedies into the world of encoded water and thought that I had discovered the most amazing way to balance the body available on planet earth.

Incorporating Psych-K around this same time gave me another tool to help clients break through limiting beliefs. Shortly after I added Quantum Biofeedback technology that I was introduced to by Masuru Emoto (author of “Messages in Water” featured in the movie “What The Bleep Do We Know”) that took me even deeper down the rabbit hole of energy medicine. Using this device and the Meridian Biofeedback equipment increased my ability to assess the root of client’s health issues and provide solutions to these challenges by giving them water “energetically designed” specific to their problem.

I was convinced that there wasn’t a better way to balance the body than with these modalities, especially the imprinted water which gave immediate relief to a broad range of health challenges which led me to developing my own therapeutic water line called “WAVE Miracle Water”. (W=Water; A=Activated; V=Vibrationally; E=Encoded).

In April 2012 I attended the “Thought Field Therapy Algorithm” course, thanks to John Steuernol, a close friend and fellow practitioner.

I embraced the absolutely amazing realm of TFT. I was sure it couldn’t get any better and then I met Stephen Pollitt from “Source Energy Medicine” (author of “Heal Thyself”) and through his inspired work I learned how to increase “allowance of healing”, remove resistance to healing and increase clients energy levels above a 200 calibration based on David Hawkin’s calibration scale of 0 to 1000 (author of Power Versus Force).

Now armed with Electro-Dermal Screening, Hado Quantum Biofeedback, Psych-K, Reconnective Healing, the Amega Wand, a Cold Low Level Laser, a Remedy Maker, The Emotion Code, Thought Field Therapy and Source Energy Medicine I had the best equipped health tool box available, yet this too would change.

Because of the success I was experiencing using TFT algorithms I decided to forgo a pleasure cruise booked for September 2012 and attend the “Voice
Technology/Advanced TFT”course ( the ability to do an assessment over the phone) that Joanne Callahan was teaching in Toronto. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Roger & Joanne for this ‘GIFT’ of life that you have given the world. Since incorporating Advanced TFT into my practice it has become my main modality.

Here is how TFT has changed my practice; when a client attends my office I do a general assessment using biofeedback. Together we determine the main areas of concern and I introduce them to TFT and walk them through a few TFT balancing exercises and reassess using the same equipment.

I am seeing a 90% improvement in the overall health picture presented by the client’s energy systems. This enables me to zoom into the remaining roadblocks to healing and further address them with TFT or one of the other tools in the ‘energy tool box’. I love having the ability to do this work over the telephone and I’m in awe of the quick resolve that specific tapping sequences has brought to everything I have used it for.

I offer in office, the” Heart Rate Variability”, (HRV) assessment technology, recommended by Dr Roger Callahan to provide early detection of dis-ease which may be without symptoms and which shows how Thought Field Therapy can bring immediate improvement to HRV. This immediate improvement in HRV is something which is unheard of using any other modality.

With “Advanced Thought Field Therapy” I feel truly blessed and enlightened to have in my possession a technique that is totally forgiving and superbly effective and seemingly unlimited in its potential to restore peace and harmony to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

Fern Wolf
Ontario, Canada

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