TFT And The Art of Healing.

His Hand
The Energy Psychology Modality That Heals

by Lorraine Blum, L.C.S.W, MS.C, NBCCH, RM, TFT DX

Energy Medicine has been around a very long time. Reiki, an Energy Modality first discovered in Japan thousands of years ago and TFT Dx is a more recent Energy Modality used here in the United States to heal those suffering from Health Disorders… and it’s being applied in many other countries like Egypt, India, and China. In fact, Energy Psychology is now being studied in prestigious schools such as the University of Florida. Recently there were grants given to conservative settings such as Hospice in South Florida to hire these healers.

Insurance companies are beginning to look at this kind of treatment for possible coverage in the future. Where hospitals laughed at Reiki Masters and any kind of Energy medicine, they are now welcoming them.

Thought Field Therapy Diagnosis was started by Roger Callahan PHD

Anything is possible with Energy Psychology and the knowledge of Orthomolecular Medicine, especially when using Spiritual Law.

Of course it it wise and necessary to include your personal Physician in this type of treatment procedure as he knows the most about your physical condition.

The 37th Annual International Conference on Orthomolecular Medicine in Canada had patient’s previously severely mentally ill reporting full recovery. The successful treatment of Schizophrenia after all the tests are completed and the allergies eliminated is primarily Nutrition and Energy Psychology.

TFT Dx is incredibly effective in the Art of Healing.

Roger Callahan, a Clinical Psychologist focused on Mental Health. Through his research and testing he discovered some simple new procedures he demonstrated on televisions while treating those around the world for Anxiety, Depression, Addictions, Trauma and other disorders. This lead to development of a casual diagnostic process, where he could quickly determine a specific tapping sequence, now known as commonly used algorithms.

It was his invitation in 1994 to Florida State University to participate in the search for a cure for PTSD along with other therapies such as EMDR and VK/D a form of NLP that the descriptive name came about of Thought Field Therapy.

Energy therapies much like Acupuncture is so fast and seemingly lasting it is truly hard to believe.

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Did Stress Kill Michael Jackson?

M.J. by X O X O L I C I O U S
From The World Organization Of Natural Medicine Practitioners:

June 25, 2009, will go down in history as the day an American Icon took his last breath. As I watch the media regurgitating over and over the news of the untimely, unfortunate and very unnecessary demise of Michael Jackson, with an occasional flash to the suffering and death of Farah Fawcett, it takes me back many years to a specialized forensic school where daily we were given the challenge of “profiling” someone in the news. I can’t help but profile Michael and the personality that resulted in his death. At the same time I am quite saddened; not only in sympathy with the millions of mourners, but by the depth of the real truth and the knowledge that on a much less famed scale millions will bury family and friends for the very same reason.

I feel a responsibility to share truth, to give the uninformed a “heads up”, a “profile” of what killed Michael Jackson. Farah’s death is a whole different story for a whole different but no less important article, but Michaels passing can serve to save the lives of the millions that are on their way to join him in death because his personality is the personality of many millions. Michael won’t be giving live concerts but in death he can remain an icon nevertheless…..

What really killed Michael Jackson?

… I imagine we will find that Michael Jackson’s untimely demise was ultimately fed by this eternal quest for a way to deal with is chronic stress, from failure to take control of his own mind and allow logic to reign over emotion.

You see it is illogical (an emotional act) to abuse medication when the warnings are clear. Michael was witness to the death of Anna Nicole Smith from overdose, he was married to Elvis’s daughter, he had knowledge and notice and he ignored the warning. Perhaps it was a death wish, perhaps simply addiction which is my suspicion, but we will never truly know the answer to that.

He differs from Elvis, the king of rock only in the fact that he lived 8 years longer. While life for the average human is stressful, being the “King” understandably adds a few degrees of stress.

Michael awoke every morning and went to sleep every night a victim of his fame, and at great mental cost which led to his physical demise. We witnessed over his last years, through the child molestation trials and financial failure, the demise of Michael Jackson. We witnessed a complete transformation from the innocence of “I’ll be there” to a figure we came to know as “whacko Jacko”. His personal transformation from the King of Pop to Whacko, was certainly the result of his emotional distress, perhaps from his inability to find himself in adulthood, but his death can be directly attributed to his failure to take control of that stress, and to those that enabled him.

So who really killed Michael Jackson?

Regressing for a moment to the first paragraph of this article, we discussed that fact that man has searched for a magic pill to control stress since time began. Even though we have yet to find it, human greed combined with a true desire to advance medicine have provided a deadly cocktail for those who choose to use and abuse it, but still the stress lingers waiting for us to take responsibility, to face our demons. I would first and foremost lay the blood of Michaels death on the “powers that be”, on the government and States that permit the pharmaceutical companies to advertise to an unwitting public that the latest dangerous chemical is the answer to all problems, and to lavish rewards on the doctors for prescribing them. This greed for the almighty dollar with carefully orchestrated advertising has turned the American people into a nation of Sheople, looking to medicine to solve all their problems, never mind personal responsibility.

Next I would have to lay Michaels blood on those who enabled him, they too acted out of greed. The high paid medical “professionals” knew the dangers, they knew right from wrong but they didn’t just say no. Lastly, I would have to submit that none of this would have mattered and Michael would likely be alive today if he had taken responsibility for managing his stress without chemicals.

Michael paid the ultimate price because the government chooses to ignore the millions that perish from dangerous drugs. He paid the ultimate price because society has been taught that dangerous drugs are the first choice for all human ills, and, he perished due to the irresponsibility and greed of the very enablers that he undoubtedly paid very well to help him kill himself. Michael’s death was by his own hand, facilitated by a very broken society. Beloved Michael has been exonerated, he has paid the ultimate price for his part. If we are to cast blame on his enablers, let us cast it fairly and levy charges against all the above.

The rest of the article here…

If you are having difficulties with coping with stress – get our TFT Stress Busters Guide by clicking here.

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Tapping The Source – Thought Field Therapy Tapping

Wisdom - Seeds of Light

Now that we’ve come to the 30 year mark of Thought Field Therapy, it’s rewarding to see how Dr. Roger Callhan’s tapping technique has evolved to become a major part of the alternative healing community. In fact, the word “tapping” is now synonymous with Dr Roger Callahan.

A quick search for  “energy tapping for trauma” on Amazon finds a wide selection of books written by Fred Gallo, Anthony Robbins, Gary Craig, Joseph Mercola and Ron Ball, among many others.

Search “tapping” and you’ll find books covering phobias, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, addictions and more.

Although the technique has been adapted by many to become their own versions (EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, Meridian Tapping Techniques… to name a few of the more prominent ones) we take great pride in knowing that Roger’s discovery has led to a whole category in alternative healing… and that a wide range of alternative healing practitioners have incorporated it into their practice.

Here’s a short video introduction of the TFT tapping technique by Dr. Fränzi Ng that demonstrates the tapping technique..

Fir information on how to apply tapping to your specific problem, please visit our website to get a free guide.

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Powerful Tools to Incorporate Into Your Practice

Joanne Callahan London England TFT Boot Camp

A Report From Our London Boot Camp

The first thing I noticed when I arrived at The Royal Society of Medicine were the two beautifully entwined verdigris serpents outside the front entrance, the rod of Asclepius which of course is the ancient symbol for healing. How totally appropriate for a weekend where all the focus would be on learning how to heal and make people feel better.

The ancient combines with the modern at the Royal Society as their marketing name is One Wimpole Street and it appears on the complementary pens and note pads provided for conferences and courses. The room where the Boot Camp was held is beautifully furnished and importantly for the purposes of TFT there are no new carpets, paint or flourescent lighting which can all act as energy toxins capable of disrupting people’s well-being. The room was cosy and light with an antique cabinet display of old brass microscopes.

Gradually the trainees started arriving and their stories unfolded of how they came to be on the course. Several people had been introduced to TFT through Jack Black. He wrote a great article in the last Thought Field Magazine. A couple of trainees had come from a cancer clinic in Germany where they had found out about TFT during their treatment. There was a Business Coach, Kinesiologist, Reflexologist and several people were there because they wanted to learn Dr. Roger Callahan’s original therapy after having sampled the imitations.

“If you didn’t have a real powerful base therapy, the others would not work.”

Most of the trainees came with only a cursory knowledge of the Algorithm level of TFT and so the training rapidly covered the treatment protocol including correction of Psychological Reversal, which ensures an 80% success rate with all simple psychological problems.

Joanne Callahan backed up everything with real case studies and evidence of research. Lecture time was broken up with many opportunities to practice the TFT techniques together, so ensuring that the knowledge was put into muscle memory and trainees experienced how quickly they were able to eliminate negative emotions for each other.

There was a palpable feeling of excitement mixed with concentration and the rate of learning progressed at a rapid pace. A buffet lunch was provided by the Royal Society and from the conversations going on around the room it was obvious that people were getting a lot out of the training and could not wait to carry on. The afternoon was spent with moving on to learning the initial basics of causal diagnostics and why Heart Rate Variability is so important as a measure of health and progress of treatment. The day ended with a tired but happy bunch of people who had discovered things that were already changing their lives.

Day 2 – Joanne Callahan had put a challenge to the trainees the day before,what will it take to convince you of the power of TFT?

Those doing the Boot Camp had already spent the previous day eliminating fears, anxiety, long held trauma, grief and found that they did not need any more convincing than what their eyes and bodies had already witnessed. Everyone wanted to get on with learning the next level of extraordinary techniques in helping people heal and feel better.

Many more practice sessions ensued achieving rapid elimination of an addictive urge for cigarettes, a couple of cases of physical pain including an ankle that had been swollen for several years. The pain level dropped quickly from 10 to 0.

Joanne introduced the trainees to energy toxins, showing a video of Dr. Doris Rapp working with normally well-behaved children who go beserk after being exposed to an allergen. Dr. Callahan found her work to be useful in discovering how to temporarily neutralise substances that negatively affect our energy systems. A case of fatigue soon showed how energy toxins can compromise the body when the trainee found herself having to remove a bracelet, amber ring and earrings, her belt and even her cardigan! After this her energy levels felt much better.

‘Great, really interesting. So many useful tools to enrich ones well-being. I will use TFT for myself, my family and in my Pharmacy business.’             Rod James

TFT can be done as a surrogate treatment, meaning that unlike other therapies it is possible to treat babies, members of a different species and people who are paralyzed or unable to tap on themselves and even unconscious. I think that this was one of the aspects that really brought home how incredible, accessible and different TFT is.

Joanne told several wonderful and uplifting stories of the work done in Rwanda with the orphans of the genocide and in Uganda where sometimes there were no interpreters but nevertheless this did not prevent people from being treated. The result that emerges more and more clearly is the total change in people’s attitudes to their experiences. After treatment, all the orphans wanted to do is get on with their lives and the priests in Uganda found the ‘grace that we have been waiting for after 12 years’ to forgive atrocities that are incomprehensible to us.

If by treating trauma you allow compassion and forgiveness to replace anger and the wish for revenge, then world peace is a real possibility with TFT.

The Boot Camp is a new, fast track course for learning the best of the best of Thought Field Therapy and from the feedback of the trainees who attended the London training last weekend, the evidence seems to be that this is a great way of gaining those skills.

London England ETF TFT Bootcamp

‘very good. The first day was tough but now I can see where TFT fits in and will work in my life. Now I can get even more out of TFT. I read the book Tapping The Healer Within, but now I know that the power is tremendous.’ Lynda Reddington

So if you are a coach, trainer, therapist, energy worker and you want to be a cut above the rest, the Boot Camp is an indispensable course for you. Look out for further Boot Camp dates on or Dr. Callahan’s site,

by Ildiko Scurr, TFT Dx, Chair,
Please visit her on The Lounge, a site she has developed to support TFT Practitioners in the UK.