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I am regularly asked for help by TFT practitioners for themselves and their clients. Thousands have taken part in our online courses, our tele-classes and last year’s Well-Being Mentoring Series. After each training, I get many questions about how to use TFT in this or that field, or how to improve their results.

Because of this, and the success of last year’s mentoring series, we are continuing our popular monthly webinars with video and mentoring capabilities. These classes allow me to offer more support help to our TFT family around the world.

Today, we are launching our first class for 2019 of our TFT Well-Being Interactive Mentoring Series.

As last year, they will be zoom video classes, on our most requested topics. They will allow interaction, personal questions, and even individual assistance on your own issues. They will be offered monthly, for the rest of this year. There are classes focused on better health, improving well-being and performing at your peak potential.

Click here for the listing of classes in the series.

You can register for the upcoming class Eliminate Stress, FearAnxiety & Achieve Your Goals or save by subscribing to all 9 of the monthly sessions.


See what some of last year’s participants said about the classes.

Thank you Joanne! Today’s webinar was fantastic and very helpful. It really reinforced that I am on the correct path with my clients. So exciting. And today’s webinar helped review, remind and expand on many approaches to add to what I’ve been doing. Stephanie White

Today’s call was awesome. Thank you!! ☺️ Stacy Kroeger

First I would like to let you know that I am thoroughly enjoying the course! Thank you so much! Learning the 5 PRs made a huge difference for me, once I learned to remove blocks. Especially for my anxiety. D.O.


I hope you can join us,

Joanne M Callahan, MBA
President, Callahan Tec

Since we launched our new Well-Being Retreats, many have been asking me, “What can I expect at a Well-Being retreat?”  So, at the suggestion of one of the attendees, and with the help of our recent attendees, I will share a few highlights from this recent life-changing week.

Each day contains a bit of exercise, nature, peace, good food, training and treatment with TFT and the use of the latest technologies to assess our current state of health.

We began our day with a walk through the beautiful Virginia woods, with spring all around us, flowers, deer, and birds singing.  When we arrived at the Meditation Environment we all set our personal intentions for healing and began our healing circle meditation with specific vibrational technology to facilitate our health and well-being.  Immediately following our meditation, spent a brief time, using TFT to balance our individual and group emotions and energy.  By then we all were ready for our healthy breakfast.

Well Being Tapping Group

Following breakfast, our mornings were spent in group training and practice sessions.  Following these educational sessions, everyone was off to their individual protocols.  These included assessments such as a healing CoRe Inergetix session or the opportunity to have a brain map.  Others received a Neurofield balancing treatment for their brain.  Crystal Light Therapy and Shiatsu massages were high on everyone’s list as well.  I think the most repeated and loved experience for all was the indescribable Awakened Heart sessions.

Core and TFT Tapping

Kathryn with Jim having a CoRe session |  Oana with Mona having a Neurofield

wb3The food, whether one preferred Paleo, Vegan or in-between was wonderful—-and—-healthy.

After lunch, we again had a group session then individual TFT sessions and other protocols.  Our afternoons ended with Yoga or just chilling out.

After our evening meal we had some presentations by experts in the technologies we were using or further individual work.  We ended our evenings with a meditation and another walk through the woods.

wellbeing after tapping

The small group size and intimate setting allows us to focus on the needs of those attending and to customize their schedule during the week, based on their needs.

The other question I am often asked is, “What kinds of things can be helped at the retreat?”

Each retreat is customized to the needs of the individuals participating.  For example, this last retreat, we worked on grief and loss, back pain, weight loss, life overwhelm, finding and living our passion, business success, spiritual growth, releasing fear and anxiety, and healing past trauma.

It was an amazing, fun and healing week at the Synchronicity Foundation Sanctuary. We shared tears, joy and new found friendships.  Everyone left with a new perspective, more inner peace and some tools to continue their healing journey.

I believe we have found the perfect blend of technologies, environment and healing tools to support TFT in helping us to reach our optimal health and well-being.

Click here for details on how you can join us for our next one in September.