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Dolphins off the bow
Creative Commons License photo credit: chuck.taylor

I have had a most amazing experience, so very similar to when I actually had the opportunity to swim with the dolphins.

One of our Diagnostically trained TFT practitioners is the owner and developer of Virtual Dolpin Therapy which she offers in her spa, La Quinta Healing Arts. Brenda Burger, uses her TFT skills with the Virtual Dolphin Therapy to provide a wonderful healing experience. She often taps the client with the appropriate TFT sequence before they lay down for their dolphin experience.

She explains:

Virtual Dolphin Therapy www.virtualdolphintherapy.com a multi sensory treatment like no other.  Enjoy the sound of the ocean, dolphin echo locations, incredibly relaxing music and up close and personal high definition dolphin footage all while lying on a sound wave table designed to send music and sound as vibrations through the body. Come in and experience our treatment.  With deep respect we have invited the ambassadors of the deep the cetacean nation to be our tour guides as we journey into the deep and beyond, experiencing virtual experiences of profound beauty and imagination.

Virtual Dolphin Therapy therapy will be shown on the “The Doctors” TV show www.thedoctorstv.com on Monday February the 16th.  Check web site for times shown in your area.”

See for yourself and watch her on the new TV show, The Doctors.