As many of you know, I have been sharing information about the risks of EMF exposure for many years. We have helped many clients with extreme cases of sensitivity and many with moderate sensitivities. Their symptoms range from fatigue and foggy brain to nearly being unable to function or go out of their homes.

There is new information now about the effects of the 5G networks and our current health pandemic that I believe everyone should be aware of. This is a brief 10-minute video that you may wish to watch. Since the increasing presence of 5G is a reality in our world, we can all take measures to help protect ourselves.

The passive tools we personally use and recommend to our clients are not only proven effective protection from EMF but have been placed in a Zero Field converter. This essentially raises the vibrational frequency of it, helping us to maintain a higher vibrational frequency and thus be less susceptible to the world-wide health challenges around us.

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In our advanced level TFT we also use audio healing frequencies with our healing concentration and meridian sessions. All these tools together assist us in remaining healthy and strong during our changing times.