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Hope you are all having a great summer,

Joanne Callahan, MBA
President, Callahan Techniques, Ltd.

Dear TFT Community,

 We are already into summer for 2018.  While the time has passed quickly, we have accomplished much this year.  The latest issue of the Thought Field shares many exciting happenings in the TFT.

The TFT Foundation has continued its humanitarian relief work and our top-level researchers have spearheaded new research.  There is a new list of research and meta-analysis on the trauma relief blog site:  www.TFTTraumaRelief.com in the Resource Library.  Suzanne Connolly compiled it and Jenny Edwards edited it into APA format for us.  It should be a great resource for everyone.

In this Summer 2018 Issue, I am proud to share an article from Suzanne Connolly mentioning a prestigious award for one of our long-time TFT practitioners, licensed psychologist, Nora Baladerian.  We also have an excellent case about TFT providing relief for hoarding which is becoming a more common problem and traditional approaches have not done much to solve.

Last year we began the restructuring of our training programs, including the addition of the new protocols and materials.  This started with our online algorithm course.  Then this year we have just completed a new self-testing program and given the first of our new diagnostic level of TFT.

I am so often asked, where should I start?  What level of training is best for me?  Or  What is the fastest way to the top?  So, I am listing all of the trainings, both E-Learning and Live Events. Hopefully, this will help you all see what best fits your needs.