The All New Official Thought Field Therapy® Algorithm Course

If You’re a Therapist, Coach or Work in the Healing Arts, This Online Training Will Teach You to Use Tapping Therapy for Any Condition

  • Become certified to use tapping algorithms & sequences
  • Over 9 hours of video training that you can access at your own pace.
  • Help others conquer stress, injury and illness resulting from past trauma… phobias… grief… addictive behavior… and more
  • Safely add tapping to any therapy work, healing arts, or coaching services

What Is Thought Field Therapy Tapping?

Tapping Home study course

Developed in the 1970s, by Dr. Roger Callahan, Thought Field Therapy® (tapping therapy, as it’s known today) is a revolutionary, highly effective, drug-free treatment used to reduce or eliminate countless types of psychological and physical problems—some in as little as a few minutes. It’s an emotional form of acupuncture—but without the needles. It’s a non-invasive technique that combines 5,000-year-old Chinese medicine with 21st century science that you can learn—and use—to experience instant relief for the stressful situations in your life (or help others get instant relief).

With TFT, you don’t need painful acupuncture needles or special equipment. You simply think about a specific issue that is troublesome. This may be anxiety, fear, past trauma, loss, grief, or feelings of anger, depression or physical pain. You then use the tips of your fingers to firmly tap energy points along the meridians in your body, the same ones that Chinese healers discovered over 5,000 years ago. By using your fingertips to “tap” these meridians in a specific order, you can almost effortlessly eliminate your emotional pain . . . and even physical pain.

Learn Thought Field Therapy Algorithms  and Effortlessly Conquer:

  • Fears and Phobias • Depression
  • Anxiety and Panic • Anger • Guilt
  • Trauma and Post Traumatic Distress
  • Shame • Relationship Pain
  • Grief and Loss • Embarrassment
  • Physical Pain • Self Sabotage
  • Negativity • Compulsive Behaviors
  • Addictive Urges • Weight Loss
  • Eating Disorders • Insomnia
  • Obsessive Thoughts . . . and more

It’s simple to learn, easy to guide others through the process, and produces immediate, long-lasting results (even permanent in many cases). TFT is completely safe and can work on anyone—including infants, pets, and even those who don’t speak your language or believe in alternative therapies. It’s also been proven in the most dire of circumstances: in the refugee camps of Kosovo, with U.S. embassy bombing victims in Nigeria, for earthquake victims in Japan, following the World Trade Center attacks of September 11th, and even by British Special Forces in the Congo.

The Key Is Knowing the Correct  Tapping Sequence for Specific Problems

When you tap the appropriate sequence of meridian points, the problem often disappears instantly and stays away permanently. But the key is knowing the specific energy points to tap . . . in which order . . . and how often . . . to solve virtually any type of pain, chronic health problem, long-term condition, or simple everyday stress (which is the precursor to nearly every debilitating disease and life-threatening illness).

Now, During Our TFT Algorithm Online Training You Can Learn to Use Tapping Sequences on Yourself . . . or in Any Therapeutic Situation

In Thought Field Therapy, an individual tapping sequence is called an algorithm. Each algorithm is developed after “reading” the emotional signals your client, patient, or subject is presenting. While anyone can learn these signals and develop tapping sequences, it takes training and practice to do so.

That’s why we offer TFT Algorithm training as a starter course for individuals, practitioners, coaches, and other healers who need a new way to bring immediate relief to others, then help break through the blocks to healing that have already been tried before.

  • If you’re a therapist, TFT Algorithm Training will help you quickly deliver results that cognitive therapy simply can’t provide.
  • If you’re a life coach, TFT Algorithm Training will help you eliminate the stress in your clients’ lives, leading to better productivity, goal achievement and lifestyle modification.
  • If you’re an alternative medicine practitioner, TFT Algorithm Training will give you another tool in your choice of modalities . . . bringing faster results to your patients.

Plus, with just a few extra steps following your training, you’ll be able to apply to become officially Certified in Thought Field Therapy Algorithm work.

YES, I Want Access to the Online Training!

I understand I’ll get the Thought Field Therapy Algorithm Manual with 9 hours of recorded training and learn proven tapping sequences for eliminating anxiety, fear, trauma and even physical pain (plus so much more).

Regularly priced at $347…

On Sale for ONLY $197

You will also receive a TFT-Algo Certificate on completion of your test and case studies submissions.

What’s Included in the TFT Algorithm Training?

During this online training you’ll learn the Fundamentals of Tapping Therapy (including tapping for specific energy points):

  • Introducing a new paradigm – the amazing discovery of TFT
  • Research Overview
  • How to objectively measure the effectiveness of TFT results
  • Overview of the basics needed to use TFT every dayin your life
  • Psychological Reversal and blocks to health and well-being
  • Neurological alignment and collarbone breathing exercise
  • How to use the most effective and powerful TFT algorithm for each situation
  • The Basic TFT Algorithm protocol and structure
  • Removing trauma, anger and guilt
  • Removing fears, phobias and anxiety forever
  • Helping cravings, addictions and obsessive behaviors
  • Using TFT toeliminate physical pain, depression, shame, embarrassment and jet lag
  • How to improve visualization and peak performance with TFT
  • Dealing with stubborn chronic problems, recurring reversals and troubleshooting
  • Toxin identification and awareness
  • Passive healing tools to support your healthy lifestyle

Comprehensive Written Manual Used in TFT Trainings Worldwide

Delivered to you electronically via PDF before the live training, you’ll get the comprehensive manual we use in our TFT Algorithm workshops around the world.

Sessions that Teach the Most Commonly Needed Tapping Sequences

You’ll also learn specific tapping sequences for the most common ailments and conditions from TFT Co-Developer Joanne Callahan. Watch on-screen live as she guides you step-by-step through the most requested TFT algorithms. Joanne will show you exactly how you can easily and almost effortlessly tap your healer within. At the end of this segment, you’ll even see Joanne Callahan treat volunteers for different emotional and physical challenges. It’s a great way to follow along and learn the tapping sequences. 

TFT Algorithm Certification

When you complete the course, take our online test, and provide three case studies (that you’ll easily accomplish using your learned TFT tapping algorithms), you’ll be sent an official Callahan Techniques TFT-Algorithm Certificate. You’ll also qualify for our more advanced practitioner trainings—if you decide to further your TFT knowledge toward helping others.

“First of all, let me say how amazing to me this TFT program is, I love it since the beginning, I have no background in any of science, therapy or psychology I am a business owner together with my husband, my studies are in Business Administration. Anyway, I am amazed & thrilled about TFT!”

“I have been using the algorithms for myself & for my loved ones. My husband is a MIGRAINE sufferer, (we have had this problems for 30 years of our marriage), he now uses TFT & his migraine will slow down immediately! I am working hard to be able to use this NEW system to help me & others for a BETTER LIFE.”

“Thank you and Dr. Callahan so much for helping me overcome the anxiety and the compulsive eating that have plagued me for most of my life. Both are definitely much less. Thank you so much”

“My massage therapist who is a young (hunk of a man) was fired from his job at a spa without being given a reason. He lost weight and was extremely upset and stressed. After doing the TFT exercises I learned from the tele-class he told me he felt like the distress was gone!”

“The more I do TFT, the more It appears there are people everywhere wanting to have a more productive and vibrant life through the use of Thought Field Therapy.”

YES, I Want Access to the Online Training!

I understand I’ll get the Thought Field Therapy Algorithm Manual with 9 hours of recorded training and learn proven tapping sequences for eliminating anxiety, fear, trauma and even physical pain (plus so much more).

Regularly priced at $347…

On Sale for ONLY $197

You will also receive a TFT-Algo Certificate on completion of your test and case studies submissions.