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Dr. Jeanette Magdalene tells her story:

I have been working with what is known as Awareness During Anesthesia for 18 years. 

Many people don’t know that more then 100 people per day will wake up during their surgery and not be able to speak, move, open their eyes, anything to let the doctors know they are awake!

This happened to me in 1990 during my own surgery.

I  woke up before the surgery even began only to find myself buried within my body that no longer worked as I knew it. The surgery began, I felt every cut of the knife , smelled and felt my flesh burning , everything everyone was saying and even stepped outside of my body as my heart started to go into arrest and viewed everything the doctor was doing to get my heart under control.

I even heard the doctor say there was nothing wrong with me! Misdiagnosis so never needed the surgery to begin with!

I was offered a large settlement but turned it down so I could speak about this and help others like yourself never to know what I went through. I threw myself into my own research and blew one of the most well kept secrets in medicine wide open. To date I have changed every hospital in America, I teach at every medical school the U.S.A, written a book on Anesthesia Awareness,  have been interviewed in T.V and print throughout the world, and tons more that can be viewed on my website: www.aware4life.com .

I also have worked with Military and Law Enforcement for many years and always felt these type of people needed more for themselves due to the high level of stress and traumas they experience. I’ve put different programs together for them – Anesthesia Awareness – and it took on a life of its own.

Then one day a friend told me about something she heard of called Thought Field Therapy and wanted to know if I would want to go?

I jumped up and said yes lets go! She said “why would I go? That’s your type of work“. I looked at here and said “do you know how I stayed alive on the operating table? By learning. You never know when something like this will help you somehow in your life so your going with me“.

We went and I’m here to tell everyone, TFT blew me away! It was amazing because for about 15 yrs I was still dealing with the aftermath of Anesthesia Awareness and PTSD. I was learning how to live with it, and realized I wasn’t living… I was only existing.

In Suzanne Connolly’s TFT class she showed me how to put the missing pieces of my life in order, and take the sting out of the trauma within the deepest parts of my being.

There is not a day that go’s by that I do not ask God to bless her and Dr Callahan for the true gift of TFT. This is not another band-aid over a wound… its a Gift of Life!

I’ve been there and can tell you I’ve tried everything and only 2-3 that have worked… and TFT is one of them.

Today I use TFT with everyone I work with from the very start, and it has made such a change for myself and those I’m working with. In the Military and Law Enforcement there are things that they can ” Not ” talk about.  When I tell them that’s OK, because to be honest, I don’t want to know. We can still work together. Once I show them TFT… well, I’m very much loved!

A lot of people have ask me to talk about their “thing” and I have said “no thank you” until now. I would though, recommend Thought Field Therapy…. From trauma to daily stress it truly a God sent gift.

I am taking TFT to a new level in my new book on PTSD. I’m writing this book with a gentleman who was a POW in WW11 Batin Death March for 3 years. We both understand torture , near death, fear, loss, and everything you never wanted to know about PTSD.

The real nightmare for me began not only on the table, but after I went home and had to deal with the trauma of awareness.

No one knew what I was talking about due to never hearing about it. A Physiotherapist that I went to had told me it had to do with my childhood, and something I buried within myself. No matter how I tried to explain what happened, they would not except it as truth, until my work in Anesthesia Awareness started coming out.

I understand that it was hard for anyone outside of Anesthesia to believe it. It’s a true horror story but It was mine and I believe God gave me this experience because He/She/ It knew I would do the right thing with it and I have.

I’m sharing it with all of you in the Thought Field Therapy family. I’ve learned that in the end the only thing I take with me are my choices, so I choose wisely.

Trauma teaches you that you may not be able to pick what trauma you will have in life, but know you will always be lead to receive the help you need. After that gift is given, there is a bigger responsibility that comes with it. Its called sharing. So from my heart and soul to yours I share with you what I know in hope of helping others.

Wisdom saves lives. When we don’t understand something, its may be shock of the unknown that could take a life.

Love and blessings always,

Dr Jeanette Mary Magdalene

About Dr. Jeanette Magdalene, B.MS, C.C.H., MS.P., M.MS., C.SMC., T.F.T., C.M., D.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Magdalene is internationally recognized for her breakthrough work in anesthesia. She has provided over 15 years of counseling along with medical and public education throughout the US and Europe.

Dr. Magdalene has been a featured speaker for numerous national and international medical community programs. Her experience and dedication has won her recognition as a respected consumer advocate by the public, television, print media, and anesthesia community.

Dr. Magdalene is the founder and President of Awareness with Anesthesia Research Education (AWARE). AWARE is dedicated to client education, research and counseling in the area of Awareness During Anesthesia. She was honored with the 2000 Award for Public Interest in Anesthesia by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, and is a Distinguished Educator for the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

She also coaches people in preparation for surgery and recovery along with using the techniques of Thought Field Therapy. She is known for her passion and understanding and believes no one ever needs to be alone both before and after surgery. Often, she is allowed to accompany a patient into the operating room. She is a true patient advocate and works with them from beginning to end. The medical community has often found great benefit in having Dr. Magdalene involved in both pre-operative and post-operative surgeries.

Dr. Magdalene also does medical mediation in all areas. You can visit Dr. Magdalene’s website here.

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