Do any, or perhaps all, of your relationships contain negative emotions such as:

  • Fear • Anger • Judgement • Jealousy • Hate • Guilt • Blame • Shame

These feelings act as powerful poisons – toxic emotions that create bad feelings and leave us disempowered.

They emphasize the negative and leave a bad taste:  a silent poison.

Special Guests Mona Rudolf Kaufman

Special Guests Mona & Rudolf Kaufman

The good news is… with the assistance of Tapping, awareness techniques and  conscious behaviors, we can release our negative strategies and the emotions that go with them and establish functional and supportive ways for our lives.

We can create relationships that bring:

  • Forgiveness • Acceptance • Gratitude • Harmony • Peace • Passion • Joy • LOVE

“By opening to the loving energy that already empowers you, you learn that love is your very nature.  Once you are resonating with that, illusions of self-worth begin to crumble like winter snow melting in spring.”  Master Charles Cannon.

As adults we carry all our past experiences regarding the way we feel about ourselves and the world with us and express ourselves from this background. We may still hold back to say what we think and feel because we do not know how to express them in an empowered way as an adult. Have you ever felt you are a 4 year or 10 year old in a certain situation? Or, something triggers a strong emotion and you react emotionally and suddenly hear yourself say the same words your mother or father have said? With TFT we can free ourselves from the blocks that hold us back, let go of the fear, anger and pain that linger unresolved within us and emerge empowered, to say what we feel and think, instead of what we “should feel and “think”, from a place of self-worth and confidence and in a way that builds connections and love

In this retreat we will be tapping away the negative and bringing in the positive, healing our past and establishing a new set of behaviors that will help us live an awakened live.

Join is for 4 days in Virgina, and you will also have the opportunity to experience our new retreat center.

Join us for all 4 days for only $1,279.

Make Peace With Your Past
“Heal Your Relationships – Live Love”

  • 4 days / 3 nights room and board (3 meals per day)
  • Massage (couples or singles)
  • Awakened Heart session
  • Airport pickup/drop-off
  • Tapping training
  • Tapping treatment (group and one-on-one)
  • Relationship workshop (group and one-on-one sessions)
  • Living an Awakened Life:  The Lessons of Life (paperback book)
  • Healing Circle and High Tech Meditations

Join us November 16-19 in Faber, VA…

Seats are Limited.

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